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6 Movies about Sibling Relationships to Watch on National Siblings Day!

By Flora  /  11 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)

It’s National Siblings Day today! It’s this special one day of the year where you learn to truly appreciate your brother(s) and/or sister(s), and hopefully to not end the day with a fight. 

To commemorate this day, here are 6 movies to binge-watch with your darling siblings…

Disney's Frozen

Not all Disney princesses wait for their prince charming for a chance at ‘true love’s kiss’, as seen in Disney’s Frozen, the highest-grossing animated film ever! If for some reason you’ve not watched the movie, let’s just say that it was the true sibling love between Elsa and Anna that saved the day, and not some white prince on his white horse.

The Parent Trap

This is, perhaps, the mother of all sibling movies. Identical twins Annie and Hallie (both played by Lindsay Lohan) were separated at birth and only met at a preteen camp. They came up with an ingenious plan to swap identities for the chance to meet the other parent they’ve missed. #SiblingGoals, ain’t it? 

The Boss Baby

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Sibling rivalry has never been this cute, especially when you have a smart-aleck in a diaper. When the most unusual baby who wears a suit joins the family, the 7-year-old brother doesn’t believe his identity and tries to expose his lie to their parents. A heart-filled comedy reinforces the importance of family and brotherly love. 
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Starring our favourite comediennes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a pair of messed-up, R-rated siblings, this comedy is for the adults who enjoy some harmless fun watching the humorous pair banter as the disconnected sisters reunite to plan a final high-school style party. 

The Sound of Music

The musical classic gave us the great Julie Andrews, and songs that have become standards, but let’s not forget the 7 children of the von Trapp family that Maria fell in love with. Each child has a unique personality and who can forget the ‘So Long, Farewell’ number that we simply adore? 

Disney’s Big Hero 6

Photo Credit: Disney's Big Hero 6 Facebook

Everyone remembers the robotic nurse Baymax, but let’s not forget that it was Hiro’s elder brother Tadashi Hamada that inspired Hiro with his robotic hobby, and the creator of Baymax. 
Raise your hands if you shed a tear when Tadashi died.

Of the 6 movies, which is your favourite sibling movie? Let us know in the comments below!
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