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Golden Village Launches ‘GV25 Film Shorts’ - A New Grant Scheme for Aspiring Filmmakers.

By Flora  /  17 Apr 2017 (Monday)
GV25 Film Shorts is a new grant scheme that provides aspiring filmmakers with a cash incentive to create their short film, mentoring from local film directors and in-cinema screenings opportunities. 


Photo Credit: Golden Village

Working in conjunction with local directors Kelvin Tong and Boris Boo, the initiative will see three successful applicants receive a grant of S$ 2,000 each to make a short film, with the Best Short Film receiving a further cash prize of S$ 3,000 and the opportunity to be screened in Golden Village’s multiplexes.

The initiative has been developed as part of Golden Village’s 25-year anniversary celebrations, and requires the film story line to align with the theme Past, Present & Future. Applications will be judged according to a predetermined points system, with filmmakers for the top eight shortlisted films being invited to present their script to a Judging Panel made up of the two directors, Boris Boo and Kelvin Tong, representation from the Singapore Film Society, YouTuber Tree Potatoes and
Golden Village.

Speaking about the initiative, director of The Maid, It’s A Great Great World and his latest Hollywood production The Faith of Anna Waters,  Kelvin Tong said: “I am honoured to be invited to be a part of this great initiative. When I was starting out as a filmmaker, making a short film wasn’t the challenge, but getting it seen by audiences was the harder thing to achieve. The fact that the winning short film will be shown island wide in Golden Village cinemas and receive a cash prize is going to be a huge incentive for any filmmaker.”

(L-R: Kelvin Tong & Boris Boo. Photo Credit: Boku Films/Boris Boo)

Another industry figurehead to throw his weight behind the project is Boris Boo. Director of Where Got Ghosts and upcoming feel-good movie Lucky Boy, Boo added: “I am truly honoured to be a part of the GV25 Film Shorts competition as a judge and I look forward to meeting some of the most creative individuals in Singapore. In this digital age where all of us have smartphones, anybody can make a video. However, not everyone will be able to get their films shown on the big screens, and so what Golden Village is offering the winner of this competition is a truly amazing
opportunity to jumpstart their career.”

GV25 Film Shorts is open to all aspiring filmmakers aged 16-years and over. The general public will be able to vote for their favourite film in an online poll in September, with the public vote accounting for 25% of each films’ final score. 

Submit your ideas by 31st May!
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