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Romance Film ‘29+1’, Written & Directed by Kearen Pang to Screen InCinemas on 11 May!

By Flora  /  25 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)

29+1 is a romance and drama film written and directed by Kearen Pang 彭秀慧, an award-winning multimedia producer and actress.
One of Kearen Pang’s most impressive works to date, ‘29+1’ first came to life as a one-woman stage performance in 2005, and was later published as a book. The film adaptation has received much recognition this year, clinching multiple awards even before its theatrical release, as follows:
  • ‘Audience Award’ at the Osaka Asian Film Festival
  • ‘Directors’ Choice Awards: Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award’ at the Sedona International Film Festival
  • Currently nominated for four different awards at NICE International Film Festival
The film promises a multitalented cast, including model-actress Chrissie Chau周秀娜 (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons), and singer-actress Joyce Cheng 郑欣宜 (12 Golden Ducks). Ben Yeung杨尚斌 (Firestorm) and Babyjohn Choi 蔡瀚亿 (Ip Man 3) also star in the film.
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In 2005, two women are approaching 30 years old. Christy Lam (starring Chrissie Chau) is fearful of the future as she struggles with the stress at work, her ageing but annoying parents, and her seemingly stable yet stagnant relationship. On the other hand, Wong Tin-Lok (starring Joyce Cheng) has never been in love, and her job is taking her nowhere. However, she is optimistic towards life, and makes a bold decision to just pick up her bags and fulfil her childhood dream.
Christy makes a temporary move into Wong’s apartment. Through Wong’s diary, Christy discovers that they share the same birthday, and learns about her life. As their virtual bond grows, Wong’s alternate approach to life becomes an integral part of Christy’s own. Who has entered whose world?
‘29+1’ opens InCinemas 11 May!
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