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Train Like AXN’s Ninja Warriors – Tips from the Pros!

By Flora  /  08 May 2017 (Monday)

Photo Credit: AXN
Always fancied how those athletic contestants on “Ninja Warrior” jump, run, swing and balance in the insane obstacle course? 

In the new reality show, AXN’s physics-defying obstacle course competition, American Ninja Warrior, hits a whole new level with Team Ninja Warrior, where for the first time ever, the mother of all obstacle courses is now built for two. Teams will compete head-to-head against each other, running the course simultaneously, thus creating a new live dynamic.

We hear from three professional coaches, who share some tips on staying fit and how to train like a Ninja Warrior! Even if you don’t intend to go full-fledged hardcore with the regime, it will still be a good read on how to shed those calories from your last holiday. 

(Visit AXN's official website for more information!)
Don’t miss this epic competition series every Monday at 8:55 pm, on AXN (StarHub Ch 511 and Singtel TV Ch 304)!


Tips from Samuel Lim, Head Coach of CrossFit Fire City gym in Singapore


1. Vary your training sessions with weightlifting, bodyweight and endurance programs
2. Challenge your coordination with changing movement patterns
3. Run, Jump, Pull, Push, roll… be creative with your movements and abilities in every training session
4. Be patient during your practices

Tips from Farhan, Senior Coach of CrossFit Fire City gym in Singapore

1. Stick to a healthy and hearty eating habit to promote rapid recovery
2. Stretch regularly to improve flexibility
3. Include speed work and explosive movement in your training regularly
4. Practice balancing and landing (footwork)

Tips from Jeremy Tan, Senior Coach of CrossFit Fire City gym in Singapore

1. Practice holding and hanging around using different grips
2. Stay positive! Love and enjoy your training sessions. You’ll achieve more and improve a lot.
3. Celebrate every achievement
4. Have Fun! There’s always something to laugh about during training.

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