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Marisa Tomei Reveals Cut Scene from 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

By Freddy  /  12 Jul 2017 (Wednesday)

Image credit: Sony Pictures

Clocking at over two hours, it is unsurprising that ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ has scenes that did not make it to the final cut. Marisa Tomei, who played the latest iteration of Aunt May, revealed that there were a lot of improvised lines that did not end up in the film. “There were also things in the original, which I signed up for, which weren’t there when we shot it.”

Tomei told Huffington Post about a scene that would have happened early in the film, but was written out of the initial script. “There was something going on in the neighborhood, and there was a little girl in distress, and I saved her, and Peter saw me save her, so you kind of saw that he got part of his ethics from her,” she explained.

She added, “Then I come home, and I don’t even tell him that that’s what happened, and, of course, there’s all this stuff that he’s not telling me. So he’s like, ‘How was your day?’ And I’m like, ‘It was fine,’ but really I was shaking inside because of this whole crisis that had happened in the city. I’m kind of fibbing to him, and he’s fibbing to me, and we’re living in this house together, and it was a very interesting setup. I was quite disappointed that wasn’t in there.”

We think that scene would certainly add an extra dimension to the character of Aunt May and her relationship with Peter. Do you think the filmmakers should have kept the scene? Tell us in the comments.
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13 Jul 2017
All i can say is that she's one hot aunt that i wish i had.

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