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Learn High Valyrian Online Before Winter Comes

By Freddy  /  15 Jul 2017 (Saturday)

Image credit: HBO

The penultimate season of the sensational HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ is here soon, or as fans have been saying, “Winter is coming.” As anticipation builds, fans can distract themselves a bit by learning High Valyrian, one of the fictional languages featured in the series. The course is available on Duolingo, a popular website/app specialized in language training.

Here is the official description of the course:
Have you ever wanted to speak like a Targaryen, command dragons like Khaleesi, or pray like a Red Priestess? Now you can learn High Valyrian as if you too were tutored like Tyrion. Valyrian is the ancient language of Essos from the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire. The full language and this course were constructed by linguist David J. Peterson. Spoken by educated Westerosi, and regarded as the language of nobles, poetry and dragons, High Valyrian is coming to Duolingo.

Ready to learn? Head here to start your journey.
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