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Kang Ha Neul Talks about ‘Bromance’ with Co-actor Park Seo Joon in ‘Midnight Runners’.

By Flora  /  04 Sep 2017 (Monday)

In the upcoming Korean comedy movie, ‘Midnight Runners’, two of the country's rising heartthrobs, Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon star as students at a police academy who got themselves involved in a nationwide kidnapping incident. 

Kang, together with director Jason Kim were in Singapore last week to promote the movie. At the press conference, Kang mentioned about the chemistry he had with Park Seo Joon, calling him a ‘very good older brother’.

“Both of us, we tend to complement each other very we.l. Park is older than me and he really treated me like his younger brother,” shared Kang. 

“The relationship went beyond co-workers. It felt like we were real brothers working on this movie together. I feel that having good relationships and chemistry are very important (in filmmaking), and  not just with the actors, but with the director too. The three of us shared a close relationship and excellent chemistry. It felt like there were three brothers on set!”

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Kang plays a nerdy student who aspires to be a policeman. He shared with the media at the press conference that he took reference from Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. 

“I do have some kind of nerdiness in me. As with most of my characters (that I play), I try my best to bring out my own uniqueness to the character… they have some parts of Kang Ha Neul in them.”

He added: ”If you can see some similarities between my character and Sheldon Cooper, then that’ll be great!”

Director Jason Kim not only praised his lead actors for their physicality and acting abilities, he was very satisfied with how well they knew their characters. 

“They are not just actors, they are co-writers in the scene,” said Kim. “We agree upon substances like this is how the scene is going to end, or what is the climax of that scene, but in each scene, the actor adds certain elements to the character… that’s why it was a fun and creative process.”

Kang added: “When it comes to making a good film, the bulk of it is how well the staff, actors, and director work together. Making a movie is a great collaborative effort and I feel that it was the effort that created this film.”

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