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Mother to premiere on TVN Asia on 25 Janurary

By Edric  /  25 Jan 2018 (Thursday)

Mother - a heartrending series that narrates the complexity of multifaced motherhood, will premiere exclusively on tvN Asia on 25 January at 9:45 PM. The drama is a Korean remake of an award-winning Japanese TV series of the same title. The cast includes Lee Bo-yong, Lee Hye-young and Ko Sung-hee.

Mother follos a cliff-hanging store about the "mother-and-daughter" relationship between an elementary school teacher and her eight year old student who is being abused by her biological mother. Mother depects an unpredictable journy of the pair experiencing pure maternal bond through a fake motherhood.

Lee Bo-young plays the leading role of an elementary school teacher Soo-jin, who undergoes drastic transformations froma  chill urban professional to an affectionate subtitute mother for her student. Heo Yool plays the abused Hye-na, who suffers from both mental and physical assaults by her family. Hye-na's biological mother Ja-young, played by Ko Sung-hee, is a tense figure struggling in complicated emotions toward her kid and is having a hard time confronting reality. Veteran actress Lee Hye-young, returns from a 7-year haitus plays to plays the role of Soo-jin's charismatic mother.

Mother is produced by renowned director Kim Cheol-kyu (previously directed Chicago Typewriter and On the Way to the Airport), and writer Jung Seo-kyoung (reknowned for her script of The Handmaiden and Lady Vengeance). Mother is set  to deliver heart-warming messages and thought-provoking storyline.

Mother premieres exclusively on tvN Asia, within 24 hours of Korea's broadcast, in Singapore and Malaysia starting on 25 Janurary at 9:45 PM and air every Thursday and Friday. Catch it on TV or on-demand via Singtel TV Ch. 518 / 619, Singtel TV GO, StarHub TV Ch. 824 or StarHub GO in Signapore and on Astro Ch. 395 Astro GO, unifi tv (previously HyppTV) Ch. 601 or unifi playtb in Malaysia with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.
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