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Taiwan's 'Dear Ex' to Stream on Netflix from 1st February

By Flora  /  24 Jan 2019 (Thursday)
The Golden Horse Award-winning film, Dear Ex, will premiere globally on Netflix starting February 1.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Written by YMag Hsu, and directed by Chih-Yen Hsu, “Dear Ex” stars Roy Chiu, Spark Chen, Joseph Huang and Yinshuan Xie, who won Best Leading Actress at the prestigious Golden Horse Award last year. The movie was nominated for eight awards and walked away with three, including Best Film Editing and Best Original Film Song.

Dear Ex was screened at the Singapore International Film Festival last year to a sold-out audience. 

The film follows three people who are linked by fate because of love and family. Adolescent Chengxi Song  (played by Joseph Huang) loses his father Zhengyuan Song  (played by Spark Chen) to cancer, but instead of having time to mourn, Chengxi finds himself caught in a feud between his widowed mother Sanlian Liu (played by Yinshuan Xie) and his father’s gay lover Jay (played by Roy Chiu). As Liu fights Jay for Song’s insurance money, Chengxi gradually learns that what holds both Liu and Jay back is not the money, but the weight of the loving memories they each have with his father.
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