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The new Chucky is a killer smart home device!

By Say Peng  /  23 Apr 2019 (Tuesday)

Everyone's favourite killer doll Chucky is back. And he's had an upgrade, or rather, a reboot.

Chucky burst onto the big screen, knife flashing and slashing, in 1988 with 'Child's Play', spawning a franchise comprising thus far of 6 sequels.

This is the first time, 'Child's Play' will be remade.

The remake will star the inimitable Aubrey Plaza ('Dirty Grandpa', 'Ned Rifle') as Karen Barclay, Andy’s mother.

Andy will be played by Gabriel Bateman, who put in a good performance in horror film 'Lights Out'.

The star of the show is, of course, Chucky and he will be voiced by Mark Hamill. 

Hamill is well known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, but few people know that he also has an illustrious career as a voice actor.

For years, Hamill has been the voice behind the Joker in animated series and video games (see below). It would be interesting to see Hamill's unique take on Chucky.

The remake will put a fresh spin on Chucky and update it for a contemporary audience.

Instead of being a doll possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray, the new Chucky is an out-of-control Buddi doll that also doubles up as a smart home device, able to remotely control electronic appliances and devices.

This enables Chucky to expand his repertoire of weaponry and ways of killing people, other than just slashing them to death. But of course, his iconic knife is still his preferred choice of a murder weapon.

Naturally, the pitfalls and dangers of our over-reliance on technology are the main themes of the film, making the film more culturally relevant and relatable for modern audiences. 

There are, understandably, some scepticism about the new direction that Norwegian director Lars Klevberg and screenwriter Tyler Burton Smith are taking Chucky towards, but this might just be the thing to breathe new life into an old franchise.

'Child's Play' will be released in cinemas in Singapore on 11 July.
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