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Maydays 3D concert movie starts ticket sales today!

By Flora  /  09 May 2019 (Thursday)
The highly-anticipated 3D concert movie MAYDAY LIFE, from Taiwan top-notch rock band Mayday 五月天, is coming to the big screens in Singapore!

The concert movie will be premiering in Singapore with a special "Mayday Life "OT Party" at GV Grand on 24th May, followed by regular screening sessions for a limited period from 25th - 29th May, exclusively at 6 GV cinemas. 
Each "OT Party" ticket comes with 2 movie premiums, to be collected 1 hour before the screening.

The concert movie took 3 years to produce, and is the third 3D concert movie produced by Mayday’s company B’in Live. It is a continuation after Mayday’s LIFE World Tour, which was held in 55 cities across 4 continents over 2 years, 122 nights with more than 4 million audiences.

With a production budget of NTD $200 million (about SGD $9 million), the 3D film captures the most authentic concert frames from various cities. With advanced technology and intriguing visual effects, audiences can experience the film in all aspects. They are not only going to be at the audience area but also ‘standing’ on stage and ‘flying’ above stage. The cinema audience can feel closer to Mayday in the 3D environment and fully immersed into the LIFE World Tour.

[About the Concert Movie]
Mayday LIFE TOUR is linked by four distinct segments and the story is unveiled in “Yesterday’s Rumbling Fun”. Unlike Mayday’s previous perfectionist and fussy attitude towards music, the members are now featured as the superhero of the day and form a fifth elite combat team. Monster the guitarist is now the agile Mr. Monster, complete with a red shining armor, Stone the guitarist is now Lonely Stone, who is as hard as a stone. Guan You the Drummer is the crossbowman Mini Ming, who is comical in nature and has super good luck. Masa the bass player is Hell Kitty, who is mean and humorous while owning heavy arms and ammunition. Ashin the Vocal acts as Honey Potter, and has super powers and is quite a genius. After the war, the five people went back to “Today Loser Record Store” to lead their usual ordinary life, until the Commanding Officer appears and “re-summons them”. The Commanding Officer is portrayed by movie star Bo Huang, a Golden Horse Award-winning actor.

Tickets to Mayday Life starts at 12noon, 9th May!
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