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Kristen Stewart was cast in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ because of her moves on the dance floor

By Flora  /  07 Nov 2019 (Thursday)

Image Credit: EW

To be exact, it was her energy on the dance floor that made Elizabeth Banks want her in the action spy movie, Charlie's Angels.

In an interview with V magazine, the three leading ladies of the upcoming action-comedy, “Charlie’s Angels’ - Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska - interviewed each other and gave readers quite a scoop on how they became the newly-minted angels. 

Scott asked Stewart how she got involved with the film and the ‘Twilight’ star revealed that it happened a few years ago at the Venice Film Festival where she met Banks at a party.

“Ok, well a few years ago, Liz [Banks] and I met at [a party at] the Venice Film Festival—she was on the jury, and I had a film there. I was with [actor] Nicholas Hoult, who’s a raucous good time, so we were, you know… dancing. Not my default setting, as you know.
Right, so she saw me at a moment where I’d run out of dancing steam. It was late, but it wasn’t that I was tired. I was...You know when you’re dancing, and suddenly you think, “What am I doing?” I had just stepped out of my body—that perspective of being glaringly self-conscious. It might have not been obvious, but she came up and was like, “Hey, chill, just have fun…” She saw it, even though we’d never met before. She basically said, “Everyone else is an idiot, too. And also, you’re wonderful and I love you.” So we became such fans of each other in that moment. To be visible to someone, and have them highlight you in that way, in that kind of environment, is like a tender act. And subsequently, she hit me up about the idea of doing a Charlie’s Angels movie, when the script was very [different]. She said, “I don’t exactly know what this is going to be, but I know that I want your energy in it.”


𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝙰𝙻𝙻 𝙰𝙽𝙶𝙴𝙻𝚂 丨The latest recruits for the feminist-utopian take on #CharliesAngels star on the cover of V’s Winter 2019 issue. Inside #V122, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska bring serious glamour to a secluded retreat in the Hollywood Hills. At the link in bio, the trio spill intelligence on their super-empowered characters, which include a tech-company whistleblower, an ass-kicking humanitarian, and the Charles Townsend Detective Agency’s first-ever queer heroine. Discover the full story now at the link in bio. — Photography: @carinbackoffphoto Styling: @karenlangleystylist Makeup: Kristen (@jilliandempsey // Starworks Artists) Naomi (@missjobaker // Forward Artists) Ella (@makeupvincent // The Wall Group) Hair: Kristen (@hairbyadir // Starworks Artists) Naomi (@bridgetbragerhair // The Wall Group) Ella (@lacyredway // The Wall Group) Nails: Stephanie Stone ( Forward Artists) Casting: @itboygregk Set Designer: @evan_jourden Producer: Benjamin Bonnet (Westy Productions) Production Manager: Zoe Taldy (Westy Productions) Digital Technician: Daniel Goldwasser Photo Assistants: Sean O’Neil, Fred Mitchell Stylist Assistants: Cody Allen, Stephanie Drew Manicure Assistant: Mel Shengaris Production Assistants: Greg Bonner, Darius Popenhagen Location: Randy Simon House — Kristen, Ella, and Naomi wear @chanelofficial Cruise, jeans @guess, jewelry @cartier — #V

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From the trailers, it’s easy to fall in love with Sabina Wilson, Stewart’s carefree and outgoing character. In the same interview, Stewart revealed that she ‘genuinely’ loved her character, who ‘doesn’t quite know how to connect with other people’, something Stewart herself said that she felt her younger self could’ve related immensely.

[Even now] I know how to hide, and not [be] in the center of things. But now I feel like I have this very solid, modest ‘square-one’ [in my life]—this [foundation] upon which to dance, radically...I know how to treat people and, you know, that sometimes takes a long time. Like, even just knowing how to really be open with the people in your life, or having them as close to me as possible... That is really important. I have family and all of my friends. My dogs are a very centering factor in my life. [So] my square one is very solid, but I [also] like feeling off-kilter. It’s not about creating chaos—I am just on a constant search.

Elizabeth Banks not only directs, but she also serves as the film's producer and scriptwriter. Much less of a reboot, but a continuation of the previous Charlie's Angles instalments. 

 Charlie's Angels opens InCinemas 14 November 2019!
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