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Is Mark Lee making a Greedy Ghost?

By InCinemas  /  13 Oct 2011 (Thursday)
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If you have a hen which is capable of laying golden eggs whenever you want, how often would you want it to lay? I believe many would not say no to the hen. That I suppose, is greed. And to what extent will pure greed bring you? Remember the old saying: There is no free lunch in the world! With that, we introduce you to GREEDY GHOST, a Hor-medy (Horror-Comedy), opening in 2012!

A Greedy Ghost Meet-the-Media Session was held yesterday, 12 October 2011, to formally introduce the main leads in the movie, GREEDY GHOST 贪心鬼见鬼. As though representing their own country, we have our local comedy veteran Henry Thia (Singapore), better known as Hui-Ge, rising comedian Brenden Yuan (Malaysia) and renown entertainer Kang Jing Rong (Taiwan), better known as Kang Kang.

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What about Mark Lee? He will be taking up a different role and as an executive producer this time. Greedy Ghost marks the first movie by his company, Galaxy Entertainment. It is known that Mark Lee first came out with the idea while engaging Boris Boo, also the director of Greedy Ghost, to write the story.

"I've starred in numerous ghost-themed movies and I find that most horror movies are either to scare the audience or to create laughter and horror at the same time like Where Got Ghost (2009) and The Ghosts Must Be Crazy (2010)." said the executive producer fluently in Mandarin. "I hope to do one that reflects a very positive message behind the story and after much thinking, I conclude that Humans are greedy by nature, whether you are rich or poor. From this angle, I came out with 3 characters to explore the topic."

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The story is also written by the director Boris Boo. "Mark Lee told me to write a horror story but along the way, it turns out funny as I had written the story with the 3 of them (Hui-Ge, Brendan and Kang Kang) in mind." Boris said and promised to give the audience a different impression of the three entertainers. Henry Thia is expected to have a drastic change in his appearance after Boris discuss with the comestic department today.

When asked to evaluate his counterparts' comedy skills, Brendan Yuen praised Hui-Ge that he is funny even when he is just sitting down and not moving. "As for Kang Kang, the way he speaks, talks and moves is hilarious." said Brendan Yuen who admitted feeling a little pressure working with the both talents.

Indeed, one of the memorable moment was when Mark Lee spoke of how people stepped onto wrong things and find themselves being haunted by ghost, and Kang Kang revealed having personal experience regarding the matter. To our delight, he continued his story about sleeping with a ghost on his bed with a straight face and serious tone. "When I was on a bed, I can feel "it" on me. Later I realize "it" was attempting to have sex with me and I have to wear a condom before I go to sleep."

Not sure about the truth behind his story, but all of us had our laughs. Mark Lee added, "That's exactly how we want you to act! Serious yet hilarious!"

The filming of Greedy Ghost will commence on 15 October 2011, Saturday, and it is slated for theatrical release during March / April 2012 in Singapore & Malaysia.

[Additonal Note]
Taiwan entertainer, NoNo, is said to be making a special guest apperance in the movie.

[Greedy Ghost Synopsis]
Lim (Kang Kang) has always been unlucky. He is struggling to make ends meet until he chanced upon the ‘Wordless Script’ one day and won lottery! As the winning was marginal, it was soon exhausted when he spent it with Nam (Brendan Yuan) and Hui (Henry Thia), his two poor roommates cum colleagues who excavate bones from old graves for a living.

Unwilling to return to his poor days, Lim approaches the ‘Wordless Script’ for winning numbers again. This time, the Book-Spirit of the “Wordless Script” forewarns Lim that he will have to pay a heavy price, should he wants big winnings. Blinded by greed, Lim agrees to the terms and strikes a deal with the Book-Spirit.

As Lim’s life gets better and lavish, he also becomes increasingly dependent on the Book-Spirit, seeking its advice in everything.  Soon, the Book-Spirit reveals the price which Lim has to pay for all his riches… and Lim will have to pay with his life!

It is only with Lim’s death, that he can be the next Book-Spirit, thus liberating the current Book-Spirit. Little does Lim expects: the richer he gets, the closer he is to his death.

At the same time, the greedy gambler in Nam is playing with fire… To satisfy his gambling addiction, he resorted to stealing the accompanying valuables in the coffin during one of the excavations, despite strong objections from Hui.

Following Nam’s theft, strange things happened. A vengeful spirit haunts Nam and Hui repeatedly, causing them much distress…

The trio of Lim, Nam and Hui can actually lead a decent and peaceful life, but made decisions at various stages of their lives to pursue riches and luxuries without knowing the heavy price they had to pay.

Is there really no way for the trio to redeem themselves from this mess? Or is their death the ultimate solution?
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