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Top 10 Modern C-Dramas to Get Your Heart Fluttering! + BONUS

By Chen Shun  /  18 Jan 2022 (Tuesday)

Other than K-dramas in Asia, there has been one country that has upped their drama game in recent years and that's China. 'Old-fashion' and 'boring' are a thing of the past for Chinese dramas. With its cute and light-hearted tone, C-dramas has garnered a massive following of young adult fans! In this listicle, we have shortlisted some C-dramas that are sure to make your young heart flutter.

Do bear in mind that this listicle is based on our writer's opinion and should you have any opposition towards it, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


#10 A Little Thing Called First Love (初恋那件小事)

Starring ex-Wanna One member Lai Kuan-lin, A Little Thing Called First Love is a story about first love and self-discovery. With a shy and low-esteemed main female lead character, Xia Miao-miao, it has garnered a good number of fans as many viewers find her relatable. 

A Little Thing Called First Love is currently available on Netflix.


#9 A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好)

A Love So Beautiful is a story about friendship, first love and growing up along with the stress of academic studies. The drama was a commercial success, and it surpassed more than 5.5 billion views on its online streams during its run!

The C-drama starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue is currently available on Netflix.


#8 Love Me, Enlighten Me (暖暖请多指教)

Love Me, Enlighten Me talks about the intertwined relationship between Nuan Nuan and Han Che. Will they be able to end up together when Nuan Nuan realises that Han Che was the one who destroyed her dreams?

Fun Fact: The female lead of Love Me, Enlighten Me, Eleanor Lee, is the daughter of Singapore's variety queen, Quan Yi-fong!

#7 Intense Love (韫色过浓)

Intense Love tells the story of two accomplished individuals who both refuse to follow their pre-arranged marriage. Little do they know that love is predestined. With the release of this drama, the male lead, Ding Yu-xi shot to fame and became the trendiest 小鲜肉 (young male actor) in China's film industry!


#6 Sweet Dreams (一千零一夜)

Sweet Dreams follows two individual who meets in their dreamland. As if destiny planned it all out, they also meet in reality as colleagues. The drama features two top-rated actors Deng Lun (Ashes of Love) and Dilraba Dilmurat (Eternal Love of Dreams).


#5 Skate Into Love (冰糖炖雪梨)

Skate Into Love tells the story of aspiring athletes who are doing sports-related to the ice rink. Along the journey of achieving their dreams, obstacles like friendship, love and academics are some of the hurdles they will have to overcome.

Fun Fact: Skate Into Love is a drama that was created to celebrate the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.


#4 Well Intended Love (奈何BOSS要娶我)

Well Intended Love tells the story of two individuals from different social classes that somehow ended up in a contractual marriage to fulfil each other's needs. If you like Well Intended Love, there is also Well Intended Love 2 which is a parallel universe of the first season, with the same characters but a slightly different plot. 

Fun Fact: '奈何BOSS' is a C-drama universe with different ongoing dramas with different timelines. Currently, there are Well Dominated Love and My Dear Lady in the universe.

Well Intended Love is currently available on Netflix.


#3 You Are My Destiny (你是我的命中注定)

You Are My Destiny is a rom-com about two individuals who met by fate on a cruise and had a one-night stand together. With the help of destiny, the female lead becomes pregnant, and the one-night will change their life forever.

Fun Fact: You Are My Destiny is the fourth remake of the original Fated to Love You that was released in 2008!


#2 Put Your Head On My Shoulder (致我们暖暖的小时光)

Put Your Head On My Shoulder follows the story of two university students. Chaos and hilarity ensue when the two opposing characters start to live with one another due to the interference of their parents.

Fun Fact: '致我们' is another popular C-drama universe that has a few successful hits under its belt. Currently, there is A Little Thing Called First Love, Put Your Head On My Shoulder and '致我们甜甜的小美满'.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is currently available on Netflix.


#1 Love O2O (微微一笑很倾城)

Love O2O follows the love story of a faculty belle and computer science genius. Their almost-perfect love story set a standard for couples in China when the drama first released. Currently, it is one of the most-watched Chinese modern dramas, with over 25 billion views online!

Love O2O is currently available on Netflix.


BONUS: Meteor Garden (流星花园) (2018)

If you find the title Meteor Garden unfamiliar, how about Boys over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango? If you haven't guessed it, Meteor Garden is the latest remake of the immensely popular drama that reignited the 'rich boy' craze in Asia during its airing in 2018! 

Personally, I do like the remake of Meteor Garden, but nothing will ever beat the Korean version of Boys over Flowers!

Meteor Garden is currently on Netflix so head on over and check it out!

Did we miss out some of your favourites in our list? Let us know in the comments below. Also, you may drop us some suggestions on other Top10s you'd like to see us do next.
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