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Check out these films on Viddsee this March!

By InCinemas  /  08 Mar 2021 (Monday)
Apart from local films from the ‘StoriesTogether’ series, Viddsee has partnered with WWF to produce a documentary for Earth Hour. 

The Ra(Men)
[4 episodes x 12 mins]
Director: Henry Locke Hiah
Premieres Monday, 8 March 

Musicians Jack and Rai star in a short series titled “The Ra(Men) where they play musicians who also own a sushi bar called ‘The Flying Squirrel’. To start off 2021 with a bang, they decide to produce a uniquely Singaporean Ramen dish that would embody the spirit of Singapore. Egged on by random Japanese dude Kohji-san while facing the threat of an early demise at the hands of disapproving Head Chef Juliette, the Duo take to the streets, embarking on a food journey with the help of local eateries and hawkers. The problem is neither Jack nor Rai have the cooking skills and culinary expertise to help them on their mission.

Stand to win an exclusive opportunity to try the Rojak Ramen featured in the film! 

Man's Best Friend
[14 mins]
Director: Daniel Millar
Premieres Tuesday, 9 March 

For the tens of thousands of Singaporeans who share their lives and homes with dogs, one thing is for certain. A dog is more than a pet, a dog is family.

In this intimate documentary portrait, we explore the relationship between dog and owner through the eyes of four diverse Singapore residents who, though their experiences may vary, have all learned one thing; that owning a dog will change your life. Four people, four dogs, four unique stories.

The Kosong Plan
[3 episodes x 7 mins]
Director: Eileen Chong
Premieres Monday, 8 March 

Ever since filmmaker Eileen Chong did a documentary on reducing waste, she had a shocking realisation that Singaporeans use 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets each year. This incident piqued her curiosity about the environment, and she decides to create her own Kosong Plan to do her part in helping Singapore reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Along the way, she meets experts that would school her about climate change, teach her tips and tricks on reducing waste, debunk some of her mindset and awaken her sense of care for the environment. Watch to find out what will she discover.

This film was made in partnership with WWF Singapore's Earth Hour 2021 and features MP, Louis Ng.

Better Lens
[19 mins]
Director: Brenda Er 
Premieres Tuesday, 9 March 

After many years of struggling with domestic abuse, a man uses film photography as a form of therapy to heal himself and find his worth in this world. Better Lens also explores the repercussions of abuse which led to several mental health issues in the society.

Watch the films here: https://www.viddsee.com!
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