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Must-see movies about inspirational teachers!

By Shafiyqah  /  03 Sep 2021 (Friday)

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see."

Educators are the individuals who, through the four walls of the classroom, show us the world. We can also use the concept "virtually" to describe it.

On the surface, teaching appears to be a straightforward job, but what do we know beneath the surface of this seeming fact? While we are on vacation and howling, teachers continue to work behind closed doors. They figure out ways to meet the needs of various students. We occasionally contact them with concerns that are bothering us. It's possible that we won't always follow their instructions. We can be obnoxious at times. At times, we may unintentionally say things to them that are detrimental.Teachers, on the other hand, tend to be concerned about the well-being of their kids. What was the name of that one teacher who had a major influence on your life?

There are teachers who have had such a profound impact on the lives of their students that films have been made in their honour to further inspire us. This Teacher's Day, I've compiled a list of unusual films for you to watch!

1) Dangerous Minds (1995)

Marine LouAnne Johnson leaves military life behind and becomes a teacher, but struggles to earn her pupils' respect in the tough inner-city school where she is assigned to a class.

I want to share this quote from the movie that stood out for me:

It may not be a choice you like, but it's still a choice.

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2) Dead Poets Society (1998)

John Keating, a progressive English teacher, tries to encourage his students to break free from the norm, go against the status quo and live life unapologetically.

Carpe diem, seize the day. 

What is the correct way to teach students? Teachers played a crucial role in our advancement as students in order for us to get to where we are now. Do you have a particular teacher who you remember to this day?
John Keating (Robin Williams) employs unconventional teaching methods to encourage his students to be who they are rather than conform to cultural expectations. There are a variety of unusual approaches to success. Professor Keating did exactly that in order to motivate his students to pursue their goals. He taught his students how to do just that: "What defines you is not who you are, but what you do."

Keating imparted this message because he didn't want his students to be limited by society's preconceived notions. Because the reality is if we continually do what society tells us to do, would we ever be able to break free from our own shell? What if deviating from the standard results in society is better?
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3) School of Rock (2003)

Dewey Finn, an amateur rock enthusiast, slyly takes up his friend's job by posing as a substitute teacher. Bearing no qualifications for it, he instead starts training the students to form a band.
Sometimes, being a teacher is not about the traditional method of teaching. Jack Black, tried to be a substitute after being kicked out of his rock band. Apparently, the elementary school is full of rigid and unbreakable rules. Black however, tries to turn this into a rock band. 

Even if there aren't many elements about teaching in this film, it does highlight how a special teacher can get children to come out of their shell. An excellent teacher is concerned about the well-being of all kids, not just one. He demonstrates to the children that it is crucial for them to try new things and have fun while they are still children.

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4) Freedom Writers (2007)

Erin Gruwell teaches a class of at-risk students who are divided by their race and harbour animosity against one another. Soon, she decides to unite them and pursue education beyond high school.

Reading is a method of gaining knowledge.

That is exactly what Erin Gruwell did. Erin Gruwell feels that these pupils were more than what society has to say about them, based on genuine incidents where society failed at-risk students. Why does one's background have to stand in the way of a good future? Regardless of how mischievous these children were in their own ways, it's better not to judge a book by its cover. There were a variety of reasons why these kids lived their lives the way they did. Erin Gruwell was the kind of educator we all needed. Several attempts were made to help these at-risk pupils become the individuals that society needs.

Erin Gruwell gave the students something others didn't, she gave them a voice.

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5) Stand and Deliver (1988)

Los Angeles high school teacher Jaime Escalante (Edward James Olmos) is being hassled by tough students like Angel Guzman (Lou Diamond Phillips). But Jaime is also pressured by his bosses, who want him to control his raucous classroom. Caught in the middle, he opts to immerse his students in higher math. After intensive study, his students ace California's calculus test, only to learn that their scores are being questioned. They'll have to retake the exam in order to quiet the critics.

This film clearly demonstrates how racial discrimination can occur in the classroom. Jaime Escalante, on the other hand, believes that education is more than one's racial background, and that discrimination in a setting like school should not exist in the first place. He feels that each of his students is entitled to the same rights as the others. These teachers are rare, but those that are like Escalante should be more visible in society. Because you must advocate for your pupils in order to establish a connection with them.

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6) Taare Zamen Par (2007)

Ishaan is criticised by his parents for his poor academic performance and is sent away to a boarding school. Ram, an art teacher, however, realises he has dyslexia and helps him uncover his potential.

You see, sometimes, teachers believe in us more than our parents do. They see the hope in us that we ourselves don't. A true teacher does not differentiate students and does not see you based on your weakness but what you're capable of.

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7) Coach Carter (2005)

A sports goods store owner accepts the job of basketball coach for his old high school where he was a champion athlete. Dismayed by the attitudes of his players, he sets out to change things.

Coach Carter went to considerable efforts to ensure that his players could attend college. Basketball alone, he believes, will not sustain the players' performance because education is the key to success. Being in a town school where it appears that all hell has broken loose and no one seems to be instilling in these players the importance of education. Many others were critical of his techniques. But he persisted and persevered. Coach Carter is based on the true events of Ken Carter and depicts how a coach does more than his job role.

Ken Carter is the living proof that a teacher may be your parents as well.

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8) Mcfarland, USA (2015)

Track coach Jim White joins a high school in California and develops a unique bond with the students. When he realises the boys' exceptional running ability, he decides to sharpen their skills.

Remember when you were in school and there were certain kids who you thought were "rebellious"? Don't be deceived by the cover of the book. I can confidently state that they exist, but they possess unique abilities that they themselves are unaware of. Some people may judge them based on their actions. But consider this: they may be having troubles at home, and school is their safe haven. Maybe if we put in the effort to get to know someone better, we'll be able to see through their mask. This was exactly what Jim White was looking for. He recognizes these kids' running potential. Sports have the potential to influence people's lives.And this is what White attempted to overcome, as he had to prove to various members of the school board that these lads are capable of extraordinary achievements.

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9) Gridiron Gang (2006)

Sean Porter works at a juvenile detention centre where the children suffer from low self-esteem. To build their morale, he decides to mould them into a winning football team.

Sean Porter, spite of the fact that the children he trains are in juvenile detention centers, is a terrific educator and coach.  Porter chose to use rugby as a source of motivation for these youngsters, based on his experience coaching rugby. Some of these children are placed in the center because their parents have given up hope for them. Because of their young age, some have committed crimes for which they cannot be prosecuted. Sports might help you develop a moral compass that you aren't aware of. Furthermore, keep in mind that some of these youngsters are so-called "enemies" on the streets, so putting them in a team teaches them camaraderie and allows us to see newfound friendships blossom. Porter taught them how to live their lives correctly, how to act in society, and most importantly, he believes in them. He sees them as more than juvenile detention center convicts.

10) The Great Debaters (2007)

Melvin B Tolson, a professor at Wiley College, motivates his students to form the first-ever debate team. Hard work pays off when the team defeats Harvard in the national championship.

"The Great Debaters," based on true events from 1935, demonstrates that just because you aren't from an Ivy League institution doesn't mean you can't do what they're doing. Despite the fact that Ivy league institutions have been around for a long time, we must acknowledge that there are universities that have outperformed them in terms of grade point average. However, in order to be considered an Ivy League school, certain requirements must be met. As a result, this film demonstrates that a school is more than just its branding. Even if you aren't any better on the societal pedestal, a competent educator will show you otherwise. 

I'd like to express my gratitude to all educators around the world for their tireless efforts in assisting all students in achieving their goals.All of your efforts will undoubtedly not be in vain because students are the future of tomorrow. Happy Teacher's Day!

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