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Disney's Frozen - The Hit Broadway Musical is here to melt some hearts.

By Abel Teo  /  15 Feb 2023 (Wednesday)
Disney's Frozen first opened in cinemas in 2013, and blew the breath away of many with a box office record of more than US$1.2 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing animated film of all time until Frozen 2 broke its record in 2019.

What makes Disney so sure of having a movie hit was the development the stage musical version while the movie was being produced, something that is not often considered. In 2018, Disney's Frozen the musical opened on Broadway. 10 years since the movie was first released, the musical made its way to Singapore shores, and would probably have arrived earlier if not for pandemic in the preceding time.

Now showing at the Marina Bay Sands running till 19 March, the show is bound to recreate some magical memories for many who grew up watching the movie, and knowing many of the songs by heart having heard them at many occasions both at home and elsewhere. This is attested when the audience broke into song along with the cast at the preview, many of them Disney fans no doubt.

The Australian production featuring a veteran cast including Jenna Rix (Elsa), Sarah O'Conner (Anna), Matt Lee (Olaf), Thomas McGuane (Hans), and Brendan Xavier (Kristoff) delivered immaculate singing and great performance throughout the two-hour show. 

Additional songs that were composed for the movie, but didn't make the final cut made its way onto stage, such as the amusing "Hygge" number. This provides new material to discover for those both new to the musical and those super familiar with the movie version.

The magical production extends to both how the sets were constructed, the lighting were deployed as well as the choreography designed for the show. Without spoilers, expect some visual sleight of hand in places like the siblings' bedrooms, the icy creation of Elsa's ice palace to the cold sojourn that Anna has to make meeting Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, and quick costume changes even with some already predicted costumer designs that will have you give a thumbs up. Most impressively, was how creatively the team managed to 'freeze' Anna as Elsa's magic takes a toll on her.

Given that the audience at the preview, many of whom Disney fans decked out in appropriately Frozen-inspired costumes both very young and not so, it suffices to say that this musical is no different in catering to families for a quick escape into the world of Arendelle, the fictitious Nordic kingdom where the story is set.

It's ironic that for a movie that has its most popular song title 'Let it go', the movie phenomenon has no signs of disappearing in the consciousness of public adoration with the musical in place. It's understandable that when people experience magical moments, they could never let it slide.

If it's time to thaw some frozen heart for you, tickets to Disney's Frozen - the Hit Broadway Musical are available here with shows every day except Mondays.

Photo Credits: Disney Theatrical Productions and Base Entertainment Asia
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