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The Poetics of Color: An Artist's Journey - A documentary on Natvar Bhavsar

By InCinemas  /  12 Jan 2012 (Thursday)

Source: Sundaram Tagore Gallery

The Poetics of Color: Natvar Bhavsar, An Artist's Journey is a 60-minute documentary by gallerist and art historian Sundaram Tagore that premiered in Singapore at Sinema on 9 January 2012, 6PM. 

[Film still of The Poetics of Color]

It is a breakthrough film as it is the first and only documentary to trace the roots of Asian artists' contribution to contemporary American art. The film explores the life of acclaimed and influential Indian painter Natvar Bhavsar. 

Writer-director Tagore imbues his film with a rich visual imagery, offering new insight into the South Asian diaspora as it follows Bhavsar as he recounts his journey from the vibrant village of Gothava, India, to New York City in the 1960s. 

[Film still of The Poetics of Color]

At the core of the film's narrative are interviews with some of the most renowned figures in the art world, including critics and authors Irving Sandler and Robert C. Morgan.

The central narrative of The Poetics of Color is intercut with intensely visual sequences, which viewers will find compelling as they include a variety of dramatic imagery on Western and Indian contemporary art.

[Trailer for The Poetics of Color]

For his second documentary film, which is currently in production, Tagore will tell the story of a similar journey, but in the reverse direction. The film will narrate the life of the great American architect Louis I. Khan and focus on the genesis of his magnum opus, The Parliamentary Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is an epic story, evolving around love, war, and a fight for artistic rights. 

About Director Sundaram Tagore:

Sundaram Tagore is a New York-based art historian and gallerist with galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. He was the first gallerist to focus exclusively on globalization, assembling a roster of artists from around the world.

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Tagore writes for many art publications and has worked with numerous arts organizations, including The Peggy Guggenheim Foundation (Venice, Italy) and the Metropolitan Museum (New York). He has also served as an advisor for the Museum of Modern Art (New York), and the United Nations.

Focused on developing exhibitions of intellectual rigor, he remains devoted to the pursuit of the convergence of Western and non-Western cultures.

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