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Jay Chou in The Viral Factor Charity Reunion Dinner presented by City Chain

By InCinemas  /  18 Jan 2012 (Wednesday)
It's 18 January today and it's Jay Chou's Birthday! Jay Chou turns 33 this year!

The Taiwanese Pop star is looking forward to spend the Chinese New Year with his family! Other than igniting fire crackers, he yearns to eat his mother's dishes, especially the fried beehoon. “For the past few years, I’ve been working during this period of time. This time round, the New Year will feel like one as I'll get to taste my mum’s dishes,” said Jay Chou, in The Viral Factor Charity Reunion Dinner presented by watch retailer City Chain on 16 January, Monday.

The event was held at Resorts World Sentosa and graced by Jay Chou and director Dante Lam. Both guests are invited to toss the prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ together and this marks the first time the director is tossing the dish! “We usually have ‘Peng Cai’ (Similar to Steamboat) in Hong Kong, where there's a lot of ingredients like chicken, duck, abalone, vegetables etc,” said the director who also got the opportunity to “hands-on” the local tradition of saying words when adding the ingredients. The final step before the toss was completed by Jay Chou, adding the golden crispy crackers to the dish.

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“Watching movies together is a great thing to do. Hope that we’ll cherish the things around us, especially our family. Other than the action, THE VIRAL FACTOR also features the importance of family ties, which is a very precious thing,” Jay Chou shared his feelings with the crowd.

In the movie, Jay Chou had made sacrifices which include several dangerous scenes like landing on air-conditioners at the exterior of the building. His involvement in the movie led to many praises from the director Dante Lam, who sees Jay Chou as a professional and committed actor. “It’s tough and I’ve put in a lot of effort in it. 2012 is a brand new year and I'm looking forward to more challenges ahead. I hope that my fans will be moved and inspired to take on challenges after seeing my performance and hard work in the movie,” said Jay Chou.

THE VIRAL FACTOR is rated PG13 (Violence) and opens InCinemas 19 January 2012.

If you're intending to watch a movie during the Chinese New Year period, you can consider adding this movie to your watch-list. (Click to view its review/details/trailer)

Huat ar~! InCinemas wishes everyone a a Happy & Prosperous New Year!
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