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Fan-Made short film 'Batman: Puppet Master' explores story after Nolan's 'The Dark Knight'

By InCinemas  /  21 Aug 2012 (Tuesday)
Before you enjoy 'Batman: Puppet Master', which is said to be the best fan-made short film ever made, please note that:
  1. This short film is not endorsed by or associated with DC Comics/DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment InC, or any of their parent companies or affliliates.
  2. It's set in director Christopher Nolan's Batman universe, shortly after Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent's crime in The Dark Knight (2008).
  3. It's features new Batman Villains, namely Victor Zsasz, The Riddler and Scarface.

Now, hit the jump and see it for yourself!

[Watch Batman: Puppet Master in 1080p and share your thoughts with us below!]

Credit must go to these enthusiastic fans who had given us more room for imagination revolving Nolan's Batman universe. Bear in mind that they also attempted to introduce a couple of new gadgets apart from Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, like the ultrasound-emitting weapon and target-seeking Batarangs. Good effort there!

No doubt there is a lot of room for improvement in this short film, directed by Bryan Nest. It's hard not to notice that the Batman is too scrawny for his role and that the action sequences were disappointing and could have been better choreographed to match the standards of Nolan's Batman universe.

Really, can a wooden table can withstand massive gun fire power (9:40min mark)? I cringed when I saw Batman showing signs of weaknesses (8:05min mark onwards).. No! Batman is never afraid! Could we live with that?

The answer is a YES! Scenes with Batman can be re-imagined with Christian Bale's in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Afterall, it's a fan-made film and we should also take into consideration the budget they had when making this short film. Besides, what's intriguing is the story, written by Chris Wiltz, who has somehow managed to bring a possible villains team-up between Riddler and Scareface.

Scareface: So.. we got a deal?
Riddler: You get Gotham City, I get the Batman.

Many have expressed their delight at this clip which has garnered over 150,000 views since the clip finds itself on youtube on 6 August 2012. Check out some of their comments below.
  • Devastator335: Wow, that was the best fan film I've ever seen! It would've been cool to see this in the Dark Knight trilogy. Batman rocks!
  • creole533: I don't believe it. You did the two goofiest Bat-villains, shoved them together in fifteen minutes, with little to no budget, and gave Batman the kookiest gadgets, and... you actually made it work. Kudos! I'll be slow-clapping for the rest of today if anyone needs me.
  • IAmSimonColton: You HAVE to do a sequel/full length movie! This was truly amazing, perfect casting in Riddler and Arnold Wesker, so much talent displayed. Interesting choice in the actor for Victor Zsasz, he didn't look like what you'd expect Zsasz to look like, but makeup for the scars was perfect. The ONLY complaint I have is your choice in the actor for Batman - he got the voice right, but his expressions felt a bit off. Overall, I would give this short a 9/10, mainly for directing and actor's performance.
  • salamander337: Awesome job and good storline but the fight scene was kinda sloppy. You guys should've copy some fight choreography from the dark knight movies. I read an article about batman fighting style in the movies I forgot what it's called but it's suppose to be a straight forward close quarter combat. It's brutal. You should research it.
So, what do you think about Batman: Puppet Master? Tell us your views in the comments below!

Synopsis of Batman: Puppet Master
Someone's been letting inmates out of Arkham Asylum...

In the months following the death of Harvey Dent, Batman, still a wanted fugitive, is pushed to his limits as a new crime wave hits Gotham. Batman's search to find who's responsible leads him to a showdown with the masochistic serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Meanwhile Gotham's newest crime boss, a mysterious figure known as Scarface, has an meeting with Edward Nigma, an FBI agent, who has sworn to bring down Batman at all costs.

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