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Q&A with Mixed Martial Arts top stars Michael Chandler and Pat Curran!

By InCinemas  /  28 Nov 2012 (Wednesday)
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports.

(Image - From Left: Pat Curran, Michael Chandler)

Thanks to our friends at SPRG, we get to find out more about the MMA’s top stars Michael Chandler and Pat Curran. They will compete with some other fighters for the Bellator Fighting championship title!

At Bellator, fighters control their own destiny through their performance inside the cage. The duration for each match could last only within a minute if the opponent gets knocked out! The exciting tournament begins with the quarter final round featuring eight fighters in that respective weight class, moving onto the semi-finals and then the finals.

Bellator Fighting Championship (Season 7) premiered on 26 Nov, Mondays @ 9pm on KIX (Starhub ch. 518)  and Mondays 10pm on KIX HD (SingTel mio TV ch. 54).

Q: What can Bellator offer that’s new and exciting for Singapore fans? Basically, all the knowledge regarding the MMA here all comes from the UFC.
  • Michael: This is Michael. I think Bellator is doing a great job of reaching out to different markets and countries. We’ve only been around since 2008, just a couple years. Obviously, people know about the UFC since it’s been around for over a decade now but I think Bellator can make a big niche and reach out to every corner of the earth. Before you know it, everyone will know exactly who Bellator is.

  • Patrick: This is Patrick and I agree. We’re not UFC but we’re a new organization. We’re moving over Spike which is a huge plus for us. We’re also unique in that we have the tournament format which UFC doesn’t have. We bring out new fighters who can fight their way to the top and earn their own title shot.
Q: Can you talk us through your previous fights? Michael, how did it feel submitting Eddie Alvarez?

Michael Chandler - Last 3 Fights

  • Michael: It was good. I came into the tournament relatively unknown. I had three fights in three months, which gave him a chance to see me fight back to back. I had a few people pulling for me. Obviously when you’re fighting a guy like Eddie Alvarez, his record speaks for itself, so a lot of people didn’t get much of a chance. I had a great camp: great training partners, great coach, a great game plan. We came out and got the win. Everything went as planned and that was the beauty of it. I knew I was going to get that title shot within the first eight months of signing. Everything went well.
Q: Who do you want to fight next if you have a choice?
  • Michael: I’m fighting Rick Hawn in January. He’s the last tournament winner and then all I care about is fighting the next tournament winner and the next one after that. I just want to fight everybody that Bellator puts in front of me, and put on a dominant performance and most importantly put on a great show for the fans.
Q: How about you, Pat? You came from an injury, am I correct?

Pat Curran - Last 3 Fights

  • Patrick: Yes.
Q: How was training after the injury?
  • Patrick: It’s great. I have fully recovered and am back in training. I’ve got some new head gear and am going to make sure I’m very careful now with my sparring partners leading up to a fight. I’m not going to take any unnecessary risks that close to a fight.
Q: What do you think about your next opponent, Freire?
  • Patrick: Freire? He’s extremely self devoted. He’s going to be a great matchup for us. My injury is actually a blessing in disguise because now we get to fight in the new year. We’re going to have more viewers. It’s going to be a better show and an exciting fight.
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Q: Since Strikeforce will fold up next month, do you think Bellator is here to stay? They say that Zuffa is swallowing up all of its competition. You’re #2 right now.

  • Michael: I think that is interesting. They did talk about Strikeforce cancelling shows. They just announced that they have a show coming up on January 12. So, it is pretty interesting. You look at Bellator and the stake bought out by Viacom – in all reality, Viacom is a much bigger company than Zuffa. So, we have more support and money behind us. As long as Bjorn [Rebney, Bellator CEO] and Bellator continue to work hard and keep doing what they have been doing and growing exponentially every year, you’re gonna see a pretty good rivalry between Bellator and the UFC.
Q: Do you have any opinion regarding the state of boxing and MMA in the US? They say that boxing is in a decline and MMA will soon take over – is that true?
  • Michael: Boxing is an older sport but I don’t see it going away. It’s been there for a long time and MMA’s a newer sport. I do see MMA surpassing boxing and becoming a more popular sport, but as of now we have a lot of years ahead of us.
Q:  What do you when you’re not fighting? Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?
  • Patrick: I like to stay home and relax. Hang out with friends, I usually try to rock climb. I like to go and visit my family in Florida. If I’m not in the game I’m usually with close friends or family.
  • Michael: I kinda do the same. Whenever I’m not in intense training I’m usually back in Missouri where I hang out with my family and close friends. Just really chilling and getting my mind off of the constant grind of having to work out all the time. It’s fun to work out when you’re outside of camp because there’s no pressure or expectations besides staying in shape and having fun, and realizing how lucky it is to be able to work out for a living.
Be sure to catch Bellator Fighting Championship (Season 7) every Monday @ 9pm on KIX (Starhub ch. 518)  and 10pm on KIX HD (SingTel mio TV ch. 54).
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