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'Ah Boys To Men' Theme Song used for the Passing Out Parade at Marina Floating Platform

By InCinemas  /  08 Jan 2013 (Tuesday)
[Music Videos below!]
I was at Marina Bay Floating Platform last Saturday morning for the Basic Military Training Centre Graduation Parade (A.k.a Passing Out Parade, in short P.O.P.) where Singapore Arm Forces (SAF) Recruits officially "graduate" from their Pulau Tekong basic military training (BMT) to become private.

To my surprise, the first song that comes right after the recruits toss their jockey caps is actually the theme song for Jack Neo's Ah Boys To Men!

Wow! And I must admit the uplifting melody of the song does suit the joyous occasion. Suddenly, I realize I couldn't recall the song used previously in such parades. Then I found this clip which could give you an idea.

I guess YouTuber Tosh Zhang (Tosh Rock) would be most happy to know that the song he had written and performed for Ah Boys To Men is being used at the POP Parade. Afterall, his personal wish is to have the recruits in Tekong to sing this song while they train or march.

Whether they sing the song in Tekong, I do not know but at the floating platform, I did see a number of soldiers singing to the lyrics, especially the part "ORD Lo!". It will be interesting if SAF choose to continue the use of Ah Boys To Men theme song in such graduation parades.

As of now, the song feels like a promotion gimmick for the upcoming sequel to the army-themed movie, opening in theatres on 1 February 2013.

Check out the Music Video of the songs I've heard at the floating platform! Actually there's only 2 that I could remember. The second one comes right after the first and it has got to be the most well-received song with soldiers doing horse dancing!

It's none other than PSY's Gangnam Style!

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