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Mr Brown tortured by Jack Neo in Ah Boys To Men 2?

By InCinemas  /  31 Jan 2013 (Thursday)
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When Ah Boys To Men was first announced, it was known to us that Jack Neo managed to get famous bloggers like Mr Brown, Qiu Qiu and Tosh to star in his movie. So in the first movie, we've seen Qiu Qiu, Tosh and other notable Youtubers and bloggers, all except Mr Brown! So when he showed up the press conference yesterday at Equarius Hotel, we were eager to find out what he has to say about the movie and working with Jack. And he didn't disappoint.

"When Jack told me to be part of his movie, I was still worried because my Chinese not very good. But they say it’s an English role." says Mr Brown who also told us that his role was supposed to be a Commanding Officer (OC) before it was changed to a Lieutenant. He was alright with the "downgrade" in terms of rank until the filming day.

"I didn't realise it was going to be three days of physical torture! I have never run so much in my life. I think I ran more in that three days than I run in my army days!" exclaimed Mr Brown, bringing much laughter to the room.

Below is the extract of the interesting conversation that took place yesterday.
  • Mr Brown: They say there’s wildboar chasing me and I ask, "Where’s the wild boar?" Digital one. I have to imagine. Okay I put a lot of emotion into it, like Golden Horse awards one. And for that one scene, we took several takes. At that time I want to peng (dialect word for 'faint') already. Then I thought finish (with filming). (Imitating Jack) "Now we try another angle one. Helicopter one. You must run across this whole field.  All the way. A bit windy just now. Let's try again."

  • Host: Do you have the feeling that Jack Neo is actually trying to sabotage you?
  • Mr Brown: Where got run so much one? Script no say.
  • Irene Ang: I suspect ah, is because a few years ago you wrote something bad about him. So he (Jack) kept inside his heart.
  • Richard:  He (Jack) wanted revenge. Asking you to act is a disguise.

  • Mr Brown: I really enjoy working with Jack. He's a very funny man. Really knows how to direct. For someone who works in the comedy line like myself, it’s a very inspiring to work with someone who understands comedy timing.
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Other than the scene where Mr Brown got chased by the wildboar, the boys also shared their most enjoyable scenes in the movie which you can look forward to in Ah Boys To Men 2.
  • Wei Liang: The scene with two models. They want one take but I want a lot of NGs.
  • Maxi: "Tekong Spa". The place we dig the shell scrape, got Tekang (sabotage).
  • Joshua: Wrap up. Fight scene. Every guy loves fight scene. Enjoyable.
  • Noel: Bite table, until got dent. Mark. 
  • Ridhwan: Kana scold by Sergeant Ong. My face already ugly. Kana scolding even more ugly I tell you. Must see that scene.
  • Tosh: The scene when the recruits receive the letters from their family. On set they were crying and you will feel for them as well. And in that scene, I showed a softer side of my role in the movie.
  • Luke: One of the field camp scenes. It was raining. Jack says we weren’t fierce enough. We lost our voice thereafter. 
  • Aizuddin: The fighting scene.
  • Charlie: In the bunk. We as smokers we are very angry with him. It was very intense. I like the atmosphere.

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