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Exclusive Oscars Party at GV Grand

By InCinemas  /  01 Mar 2011 (Tuesday)

Before I go on about the Oscars this 2011, I must first ask if you are a fan of Mr Popcorn, a Golden Village Movie Club, on facebook. Just a few days before the Oscars award, Mr Popcorn was inviting a generous number 20 lucky people and their partners to the special live telecast of the Oscars Ceremony at GV Grand! Not just all, members of the Movie Club stands a chance to win exciting prizes (a pair of Gold Class movie tickets) for predicting the winners of the Oscars correctly! All the news on movies and other privileges can be fed to you via Mr Popcorn on Facebook. 

Coming back to the Live Screening of 83rd  Academy Awards®  at GV Grand during the early Monday morning around 8:30am, InCinemas is honoured to attend the event, which was held jointly by Golden Village and STAR Movies. The attendees, other than the lucky Golden Village Movie Club members and movie industry partners, include local celebrities like Pamelyn Chee, Cynthia Lee MacQuarie, Alaric Tay and TV host Linda Black.

Actress Silver Ang shares her thoughts of the live screen when taking a group photo with her fellow artistes, "Though I'm not physically at THE OSCARS® watching it real time is like watching film history being made and written. It's amazing!"

On the other hand, the Managing Director of the Golden Village Multiplex, Mr. David Glass said, "The Academy Awards® is all about recognising professional excellence of the film industry. It only makes sense that the Awards itself gets the silver screen treatment. We're very happy to have partnered with STAR Movies for this special day, allowing us to celebrate it with our movie club members and trade partners."

To match the grandeur of the prestigious award ceremony, a long stretch of red carpet was placed along the GV Grand's box office space all the way to the Hall 6 theater, which can seat up to 527 people. There is even the Oscars backdrop for you to strike a pose in front of the cameras and the GV crew would actually print them out for you as a souvenir. The best reward for being there in the early Monday morning is the exquisite A-list American buffet breakfast spread (Yummy~) accompanied by Moët and Chandon champagne. After a sumptuous meal, the guests are free to enter the hall to catch the exclusive Live screening on STAR movies. 

Hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, the Oscars had a great opening sequence where the 2 hosts showcase the 10 nominated Best Pictures movies in a short skit. It certainly filled the hall with laughter and that's where watching in the theater makes a difference than catching the ceremony at home. It's all about the atmosphere! I've tried embedding the clip here below but it loads rather slowly. So Click here to the Oscars site if your patience has ended or continue reading while waiting! =D

In the last one hour or so before the Oscars ends, GV has arranged a lucky draw session and GV award presentation. One of the awards, the top GV movie reviewer, was won by Tan Yuen Sheng (a.k.a Eternality Tan), through an online voting by the GV Movie Club members. The GV crew had put in effort to encourage interaction with the audience by having them to predict the winners, and had even break up the award presentation into a handful of short commercial breaks. 

Although it can be rather disturbing, with technical faults with the microphones and also slightly interrupting the Oscars, GV's efforts to engage with the audience is commendable. One of the Movie Club members, Wii Hwee, who had attended the event wrote on Mr Popcorn's wall on Facebook, saying, "This is my first time watching OSCARS on the big screen at GV Grand with so many movie buffs and I do enjoy the event so much." 

Also describing the event as 'organised', it appears that the Live Screening of 83rd Academy Awards®  at Golden Village has been a grand success, and we certainly look forward to another function host by GV in future.

The exquisite A-list American buffet breakfast spread =P

Browse the list of 2011 Oscar nominees below. The winners for the awards are highlighted bold. Did you manage to predict the winners accurately?

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