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Character posters for 'Christmas Rose' feature Aaron Kwok, Gwei Lun Mei and Zhang Chen!

By InCinemas  /  15 May 2013 (Wednesday)

Aaron Kwok 郭富城, Gwei Lun Mei 桂纶镁 and Zhang Chen 张晨 each gets a movie poster for their characters in the upcoming Drama/Suspense movie, 圣诞玫瑰 Christmas Rose, written and directed by Hong Kong based actress, Charlie Young 杨采妮. Find out more about their characters after the jump!

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In her director's statement, Charlie Young notes that in her directorial debut there is a theme and a plot, but no judgments on morality. She hopes to have left the audience with "much food for thought" and helped to have planted a "seed that will one-day blossom into a beautiful tree". 

(绝不留情 - Show no mercy)

Tim (Aaron Kwok) is a promising young lawyer with impeccable credentials who has secured what he thought was his dream job working for a prominent law firm. He becomes dissatisfied with the moral compromises required of him in that position and dreams of working to set right injustices done to people with little voice in society. His fiancée Megan encourages him to follow his dream and says she is willing to forgo spending money on their wedding in order to help him do so.

Tim finds a job as a prosecutor in the department of justice, and sees his chance to do some good in the world when a disabled client comes to him with what seems like a straight forward tale of sexual harassment at the hands of a doctor. The opposing counsel in the case is the as yet undefeated Freddy (Xia Yu 夏雨), who has taken Tim’s previous position at the law firm.

Throughout the course of the trial Tim’s strong sense of right and wrong is challenged and he is forced to question his own ability to remain rational.

(沉冤待雪 - Grieved and helpless)

Jing (Gwei Lun Mei) grew up in an orphanage and lost the use of her legs in an accident when she was very young. On the surface she appears to be an innocent soul deserving of empathy, but the reality is a bit more complex. She longs to find someone to take care of her, and when she begins teaching piano to Dr. Zhou’s daughter, her relationship with the doctor becomes more complicated than that of an employee to a boss. The sexual harassment case brings to light questions about her integrity. 

Dr. Zhou is played by Zhang Chen, who claims to be innocent. Check out his poster below.

(还我清白 - Return justice to me)

Dr Zhou (Zhang Chen) is a well-known and popular physician who is held up as a paragon of virtue, health and family values in Hong Kong. His reputation is unblemished until he meets Jing (Gwei Lun Mei), his daughters’ piano teacher, and she accuses him of sexual harassment. Throughout the case, we question the narratives that are told about Zhous’ relationship with Jing, and we are forced to consider all of the evidence for and against the alleged assault. Is Zhou an innocent family man embroiled in a drama by an obsessive employee or is he a predator in disguise as a saint? 
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