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Eric Khoo and Zoe Tay Collaborate for the First Time to make "The Recipe 回味"!

By InCinemas  /  15 May 2013 (Wednesday)
"The Recipe 回味" is Singapore’s celebrated director Eric Khoo’s new movie revolving around the theme of dementia.

A telemovie commissioned by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), The Recipe not only features a stellar cast, it aims to bring out the real and poignant social issues related to dementia.

“It’s still going to be an Eric Khoo film, my personal film’, the director mentioned. If you have seen most of Khoo’s films, they always have a certain aspect that relates to food such as ‘Mee Pok Man’.

He added that food is all about memories and is a great way to bring back all the old memories one has. “After watching this film, I want the audience to learn something and also to be moved by it, and feel for it” , said Khoo.

Though both director and lead actress, Zoe Tay have been in the industry for many years, this will mark their first collaboration with each other. “When I first received the script for the telemovie, I was more excited to learn that Eric is the director”, said Tay.

Tay is not the only person excited about the new working relationship. Khoo also revealed that he was thinking of Tay while writing the character in the movie. “We kept thinking about Zoe, so we really must have her on board if not we won’t make it (the film)”, the director stated.

Tay previously starred in “Love Cuts”, a film about breast cancer and it’s challenges faced, is glad that she is part of another project which tags to societal concerns. She added that these films help create an awareness to people and let them know about facts and information about the situation. Also, she learns about it along the way in order to portray a realistic character for viewers.

"The Recipe 回味"
stars Zoe Tay 郑惠玉, Li Ying Zhu 李茵珠, Desmond Shen 沈金兴, Jayley Woo胡佳琪 , Willin Low, Bernard Tan , Moses Lim 林益民 and Kwan Seck Mui 管雪梅.

"The Recipe 回味" will air on September 22 2013, on Channel 8

"The Recipe 回味" tells the story about the relationship between a woman (Zoe Tay) and her ageing mother (Li Ying Zhu).

For decades, a scissor cut curry rice store, has drawn long snaking queues. But the crowds at Madam Ching's stall have since dwindled. The quality of food has deteriorated, and the behaviour of the once affable Madam Ching has become unpredictable.

The situation worries Grace, her daughter who works as a senior chef in a contemporary restaurant and who has just been approached by an investor (Bernard Tan) to helm a new restaurant. The relationship between the two is strained. Madam Ching had wanted a better life for Grace but the latter had defied her wishes and opted for a hard life in the kitchen as well.

Madam Ching has an accident at her stall one day and was brought to see a doctor. Upon further diagnosis, clinical tests reveal that Madam Ching has early stage dementia. This development has a big impact on the lives of the two women and the people around them.

A feisty and independent woman, Madam Ching is frustrated with the gradual loss of control over her faculties, and the fact that she has to move in with Grace and her family. More importantly, she is saddened that her illness signals the end of her stall, which she and her late husband toiled so hard to build.

Grace, in the meantime, finds herself in an emotional minefield as she juggles the pressures of a new venture, and the stress of caring for her ailing mother. Yet, she is also overwhelmed by a deep sadness that her mother's amazing culinary legacy is in danger of being lost.

Grace then sets out to learn Madam Ching's signature dishes. In the process, she not only acquires a new understanding and respect for her mother but also re-discovers her love for her.
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