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Killer Not Stupid in Taipei, Taiwan

By Edric  /  03 Mar 2018 (Saturday)
Singapore's favorite director Jack Neo is back with his first overseas project, Killer Not Stupid, starring Jay Shih (是元介), Amber An (安心亞), Lin Nadou (納豆), Lin Mei-hsiu (林美秀), Apple Chan (陈芷尤) , Gadrick Chin(陈俊权) and Xin Long (辛龍). 

Killer Not Stupid is set and filmed in Taiwan's Taichung City. Killer Not Stupid tells the story of Hornet and Mark who decide to end their careers as assassins with one final mission. Along the way, they meet their old classmate, Sha Bao, the wanted Philippines' drug lord daughter Talia and her friend Ira in Taichung. Things get complicated as Hornet and Mark discovers that their own enemies are pursuing all of them. Fights and action ramp up as they begin their hilarious and adventurous trip in Taiwan!

Killer Not Stupid begins filming in Taichung in mid-march and is estimated to wrap in end April 2018.
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