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Jack Neo breaks into Taiwan with action-comedy Killer Not Stupid

By Edric  /  03 Mar 2018 (Saturday)

Singapore favorite director, Jack Neo is back with his first overseas project, Killer Not Stupid. Together with talents from various countries including Jay Shih (是元介), Amber An (安心亞), Lin Nadou (納豆), Lin Mei-hsiu (林美秀), Apple Chan (陈芷尤) , Gadrick Chin(陈俊权) and Xin Long (辛龍), Jack Neo is geared to bring his iconic comedy style to a new level with this action-comedy film.

Jack Neo scripted and directed numerous box office hits such as Money No Enough, I Not Stupid, the Ah Boys to Men series and most recently Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei! His films in Singapore has crossed a remarkable SG$85.7 million with his film I Not Stupid starting the Singlish trend in Taiwan during its release.

Killer Not Stupid will be set and filmed in Taichung City. Jack Neo hopes that more people would be able to witness the beauty of Taichung through this film. Moreover, his film, Money Not Enough 2, has been screening at Taichung's Wonderful Cinema for the past eight years. To thank everyone in Taichung for their support, he strongly expressed his desire to set his next film in Taichung as he "wishes to seize this opportunity to know more about Taichung residents and take inspiration from them to add sentimental elements to the film."

Playing the lead actor and actress of Killer Not Stupid are Jay Shih and Amber An, in their first ever on-screen collaboration. Both will be seen in many action scenes. Jay claimed that "Guys should not let the ladies sustain any injuries and I will do whatever it takes to protect everyone's Goddess(Amber An)". Amber has no worries as she hopes that Nadou will protect her in times of danger. "I will not hesitate to push Nadou in front of me when there's danger lurking as I am not afraid of his well-being," she said jokingly. Both are thrilled to be working together with Jack Neo for the first time.

In Killer Not Stupid, Nadou plays an intelligent killer who uses his advanced technology skills to help his best friend (played by Jay Shih) in times of danger. Veteran actress, Lin Mei-hsui's character is the protagonist in the film. She makes good use of her auntie appearance to conceal her true identity as a killer to hunt down the main leads. Together with her subordinate Xin Long, both make a fool of themselves during the journey. Jack Neo believes that this protagonist duo will bring more amazing surprises to the film. Other than these Taiwanese actors, Jack also cast his proteges, Hong Kong's Apple Chan with her sweet looks and Malaysia's Gadrick Chin known for his natural comedic looks and presence.

Killer Not Stupid tells the story of Hornet and Mark who decide to end their careers as assassins with a final mission. Along the way, they meet their old classmate Sha Bao, the wanted Philippines' drug lord daughter Talia and her friend Ira in Taichung. Things get complicated when Hornet and Mark discover that their own enemies are pursuing them all. Fights, action ramp up as they begin their hilarious and adventurous trip in Taiwan!

Killer Not Stupid will commence filming in Taichung in mid-March and is estimated to end in April 2018.

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