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Backtrace - Complimentary Passes Giveaway

Stand a chance to win a pair of complimentary passes to action-thriller, Backtrace!

Simply answer the following question:
Name the actor who plays Sykes, a local cop in 'Backtrace'.
A heist-gone-wrong in a quiet town results in multiple deaths – and a survivor, MacDonald, whose wounds left him unable to remember where $500,000 is stashed. When a mysterious trio break MacDonald out of a mental hospital to recover the cash, they inject him with an experimental serum that sends his mind careening into other eras – and revealing the secrets of his mind. As a local cop (Stallone) and an FBI agent close in, MacDonald fights to recall the robbery before a long-forgotten enemy follows the clues and catches up to him.
Additional Notes
Backtrace opens InCinemas 27 December 2018.
23 Dec 2018 (Sunday)
Prize(s) courtesy of:
Shaw Organisation

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