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Death Whisper - Premiere Screening Tickets Giveaway

We are giving away 5 pairs of premiere screening tickets to the Indonesian horror film, Death Whisper! To stand a chance to win, simply watch the trailer and answer this question.

True or False. "Death Whisper" is based on the Korean horror sensation, "Whispering Corridors".
Being accepted in “Abdi Bangsa” High School is something special for most students. But for ALEX (Angga Aldi), being accepted there is nothing special, in fact, it’s a disaster.

The Culture of seniority at Abdi Bangsa” HighSchool is nothing but physical and mental violence - Bullying, becomes Alex daily “routine” at school. Luckily, Alex has found MAGGIE (Amanda Rawles), a junior student who becomes his best friend. Maggie makes life liveable even in the unpleasant situation caused by the senior students.

Creepy incidents and hauntings are nonstop after ANDRE (Aarya Vasco), ERIKA (Naomi Paulinda) and FAHRI (Teuku Rizki), force Alex to do participate in a ritual to call the spirits. The favourite school becomes scary, creepy and deadly.
Additional Notes
Death Whisper opens in theatres 6 June 2019.
31 May 2019 (Friday)
Prize(s) courtesy of:
Encore Films

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