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Another Child - Preview Screening Tickets Giveaway

We are giving away 10 pairs of preview screening tickets to Korean drama film, Another Child. To stand a chance to win a pair, answer this question:

True or False. "Another Child" is a Korean movie about 2 teenaged girls struggling through their dysfunctional parents' affair. 
An ordinary 17-year-old girl Joo-ri (KIM Hye-jun) finds out that her father (KIM Yoon-seok) is having an affair with the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah (PARK Se-jin). Joo-ri and Yoon-ah try to stop them from seeing each other but it only makes things worse. And to top it off, they discover that Yoon-ah’s mother, a single mom, is pregnant. Soon, everyone involved are confronted by this circle of conflict and they must each struggle through their own growing pains.
Additional Notes
Another Child opens in theatres 4 July 2019.
27 Jun 2019 (Thursday)
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Shaw Organisation

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