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European Film Festival 2021 Movie Passes Giveaway

The European Film Festival returns to Singapore this May 6 – 23 at The Projector! This year’s festival presents 23 films, reflecting on the diversity of perspectives, histories, languages and cultures from across the European continent.

Join our giveaway to stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to one of the following films:
1. Funan (16 May 2021) – Luxemborg
The story of a young woman who, under the Khmer Rouge regime, has to learn how to fight back and exist. To survive. To find her son who was taken from her during the exile from Phnom Penh. Funan chronicles one family's desperate attempts to survive. In addition to being a rigorously written and directed personal account of a specific war, this film illustrates the sheer possibilities of artistic expression and animation.

2. Master Cheng (19 May 2021) – Finland
Life's many twists and unexpected turns come to the fore in this evocative drama by director Mika Kaurismäki. Following the death of his wife, professional chef Cheng travels with his young son to a remote village in Finland to connect with an old Finnish friend he once met in Shanghai. Upon arrival, nobody in the village seems to know his friend but local café owner Sirkka offers him accommodation. In return Cheng helps her in the kitchen surprising the locals with the many delights of Chinese cuisine. Gradually his cooking encourages these vastly different cultures to connect and Cheng is soon a celebrated member of the community. Unfortunately, time on his visa is running out and it is up to the villagers to come up with a plan to help him stay.

3. The Butterfly's Dream (21 May 2021) – Turkey
Love and poetry intertwine in this hauntingly beautiful Turkish period drama by multi-hyphenate Turkish actor-director-poet Yilmaz Erdogan. Set in early 1940s Turkey, the story revolves centres around two friends, Ruştu Onur and Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu who have a shared passion for poetry. The story takes a dramatic turn when both fall in love with the stunning Suzan (Belçim Bilgin), a rich industrialist’s daughter. Up against the odds, they risk everything for love – even their long-standing friendship.

4. Angelo (22 May 2021) – Austria
Inspired by true events, Angelo tells the story of an African born in the 18th century, who is brought to Europe at the age of 10. Becoming a servant at the court of enlightened nobility, he soon achieves prominence and becomes the Viennese court mascot. Things take a dramatic twist when he falls in love and secretly marries a white woman. That is when Angelo has to confront his otherness.

5. Queen Marie of Romania (23 May 2021) – Romania
Devastated by the First World War and plunged into political controversy, Romania's every hope accompanies its queen on her mission to Paris to lobby for international recognition of its great unification at the 1919 peace talks.

Let us know in the answer box below which film you're most looking forward to see and why.
Additional Notes
The European Film Festival will be held from May 6 – 23 at The Projector.
05 May 2021 (Wednesday)

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