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Golden Slumber

Opening Date
08 Mar 2018
PG13 Some Violence
108 mins
Korean with English & Chinese subtitles
Drama, Thriller
Noh Dong-seok
Gang Dong-won, Kim Eui-sung, Han Hyo-joo, Kim Sung-kyun
A kindhearted and hardworking delivery man (GANG) is meeting up with an old friend when a car explodes nearby. In the blink of an eye, he becomes the prime suspect for the assassination of an presidential candidate, and as he is forced to run, he finds himself trapped in a wide-reaching political conspiracy.
By Kimberly Tan  14 Mar 2018
A poignant story of betrayal and morality, the film is thrilling as we are implicated into a search for the truth behind Gun Woo’s story.
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Golden Slumber is a fast-paced political action thriller which tells the story of a deliveryman, Kim Gun Woo (Gang Dong-won). It is the story of one man’s determination to fight against a system that has accused him of murder. Gun Woo is a naïve, gullible man with a pure heart who tries his best to live an upright, moralistic life. After Gun Woo saves a celebrity from a robber, he is hailed as the nation’s Model Citizen. Yet, his life is transformed when he is framed for a planned attack on the presidential candidate. Moments before the assassination happens, his friend Moo Yeol (Yoo Kye Sang) visits him, marking the beginning of his nightmare.

Politically astute, Golden Slumber is a critique of the media and its power in society. Gun Woo’s predicament forces him to go on the run as he’s now a wanted man. It is evident that there is a political conspiracy going on, yet the story becomes even more complicated with the introduction of Mr Min (Kim Eui Sung). There are many moments where the audience is left not knowing which characters to trust, and to just keep watching as the story unfold.

Despite the violence in the movie, there are many heart-warming and comedic moments in the film as well. Gang Dong-won’s portrayal of Gun Woo is emotionally intense and gripping. His backstory with his high school friends play an important part in the film; Han Hyo Joo is stunning in her role as Sun Young, Gun Woo’s first love who trusts in his innocence.

A poignant story of betrayal and morality, the film is thrilling as we are implicated into a search for the truth behind Gun Woo’s story. Watching the film is like fixing a puzzle, the story is not told explicitly but through the numerous hints which the audience has to piece together. Also, it often places characters in morally ambiguous and problematic situations, prompting us to think about the choices we would make if we were in their positions.
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