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Attack On Titan 2: End Of The World

Opening Date
24 Sep 2015
NC16 Violence
87 mins
Japanese with English & Chinese subtitles
Shinji Higuchi
Miura Haruma, Hasegawa Hiroki, Mizuhara Kiko, Hongo Kanata, Miura Takahiro, Sakuraba Nanami, Watanabe Shu
Part 1 left us with a failed mission to repair the hole in the wall that has been destroyed by the colossal giant, as well as the revelation that Eren can actually transform into a powerful Titan that has intellect. At the end of the movie, Eren became injured and the mystery behind his life story deepens. Following the cliffhanger ending in the first part, all of the mystery surrounding mankind and the Titans will be revealed in the second part of the movie. As the story grows more complicated and as the mystery unfolds, how will everything turn out?

Having transformed into an ultimate Titan right in front of everyone, Eren now faces suspicion and fear from the rest of human kind. He is held captive and tortured by his own kind, who demands to know the truth behind his ability to transform into a Titan. Just when he is on the verge of receiving a bullet to his chest, he is saved by yet another powerful Titan, one with intellect just like him.

Shikishima tells Eren about his past, where he was used as a subject by his own scientist father, who injected Titan DNA (that triggers explosive cell divisions) into Eren’s body when he was still a baby. Eren then reunited with his friends and fought to plug the hole in the wall, only to be prevented from doing so by strong forces. Yet another twist occurs towards the end of the story as the protagonists’ ult imate nemesis---the colossal Titan that destroyed the wall in Part 1---appears and threatens again to wipe out what’s left of human kind. Numerous deaths and injuries follow, as Eren and his friends fight for honour and freedom and to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Now, the final battle begins as they give their all to restore peace in their homeland…
By Jason Lin  22 Sep 2015
When a film is planned for a two-part release, the later will definitely be expected to maintain or exceed expectations from the former. It is always best to adopt this approach only when there is certain confidence. In the case of Attack of Titan, it appears that the director's cut was simply too long to contain within a single feature film and thus a second film.
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While this approach isn't new as seen in another two-parter live-action adaptation of another Japanese manga, Death Note on the contrary became a hit with both fans and critics with its compellng story and mystery that keeps viewers guessing nervously till the end of the second film.

Attack on Titan 2: End of the World is merely an obligatory follow-up to the cliffhanger of the first film. Plot structure is observed to be haphazard as scenes may at times take place briefly and abruptly, which lets discerning viewers down. Characters may have been carried over from the first film but do not enjoy any opportunity of character development.

With similar visual and sound effects, the second film utilises them largely for action involving Titans that fans should be eager for. In the eyes of a non-seasoned viewer, it might look like a nasty scene from a video game with slightly uneven keyframe/framerates. Fortunately, action scenes (along with violence and gore) are not as rampant as the first film.

There is an underlying theme and message on the need to rise again those who rule with fear and terror. Theories on how walls were built to keep people safe and constantly mindful of the danger beyond those walls were discussed onscreen, which led to the rise of regimes governing with lies. These aren't so strange to the real world where political propaganda often conceals hidden agenda and conspiracy theories consumes the imaginations of many.

Encouraging the youth to live freely and yet be socially responsible, Eren (Miura Haruma) and friends explore these themes while progressively building a stronger bond of friendship to be there for one another. These are positive notions to take home from the film.

Otherwise, the sequel only serves its purpose for fans and those who have seen the first film and require narrative closure.
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