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Opening Date
17 Jan 2019
106 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Xiao Yang
Xiao Yang, Jennifer Du, Xiaoshenyang, Yu Yunpeng, Wang Xiaoli, Yi Yunhe
Airpocalypse Production NotesMa Le is a psychologist who makes money on suicide prevention. His happiness always stems from other's misfortune. The God of Long-life came to earth to save the world but his power is absorbed by Ma Le, so he has to ask Ma Le to help him with the huge plan. They find four Gods Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain living on the earth and start the adventure of saving the world...
By Say Peng  10 Jan 2019
Airpocalypse is light-hearted entertainment for the whole family.
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Taking inspiration from Chinese mythology, the Chinese fantasy comedy Airpocalypse, the directorial debut of lead actor Xiao Yang (‘Detective Chinatown’), follows psychologist Ma Le (Xiao Yang), whose job is to dissuade his clients from committing suicide. Not an uncommon phenomenon as the world is in a depressing state: it is slowly being engulfed in a haze. We find out that the God of Thunder, disguised in human form as the CEO of an air purifier company, is behind the haze. He plans to use the haze to block the Heaven’s Eye, which will then enable him to conquer Earth.

Travelling to Earth to stop the God of Thunder is the God of Longevity (Wang Xiaoli), but an accident causes him to lose his powers, which was then transferred to Ma Le. Together, the duo recruits the remaining three Gods of Lightning (model Du Juan), Wind (Song Xiaobao), and Rain (Yuan Chang), who have all been living on Earth under a human guise. Together, the four Gods are able to conjure a spell strong enough to defeat the powerful God of Thunder.

The film’s slapstick, physical comedy works, for the most part, avoiding the kind of crassness that the genre is known for. The fight sequences between the Gods are a spectacle of visual effects, but they lack tension and panache, making it feel like we are watching a video game. There is also a lack of chemistry amongst the main cast, in particular between Xiao Yang and the stiff Du Juan, whose characters are love interests. The sole salvation is Wang Xiaoli, whose impish performance as Lord of Longevity breathes life to the movie.

For a directorial debut, Xiao Yang has fashioned a light-hearted, air-headed piece of entertainment that will undoubtedly please his investors and low-maintenance fans.
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