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Just A Stranger

Opening Date
30 Aug 2019
NC16 Scenes Of Intimacy & Some Coarse Language
117 mins
Tagalog with English subtitles
Drama, Romance
Jason Paul Laxamana
Anne Curtis, Marco Gumabao
MAE PIMENTEL, in spite of unexplainable chronic pain, has everything a strong, independent woman wants. Wealth. Natural beauty. A life of leisure and exploration. And explore she does. She spends life hopping from one town to another, staying alone in lavish hotels and resorts to explore the surrounding villages and collect photos and videos of things that pique her interest —heritage buildings, local artifacts and cultural events. A young man would have piqued her interest as well, if only for his gorgeousness and brooding persona. While checking out an old train station, in which the tourism office of San Fernando is housed, Mae is acquainted with this certain young man who works—or forced to work by his parents— as an intern. He is JERICHO “JEKJEK” ESGUERRA. He’s not exactly the approachable type, but the combination of ennui, youth and physical attractiveness makes Jekjek stand out in her eyes. During the course of the tour, all Mae and Jekjek do is gaze at each other when the other is not looking. It was good enough, a woman liking someone younger than her. But the problem is, she's married and Jekjek has a girlfriend. And no one can know about their affair. So they intend to make this their dirty, little secret, to which Jekjek can unleash his true self—that version of him who wants to escape to a life of rebellious pleasure where he feel like a grown man and call the shots. Mae is more than willing to play the part in this boy’s coming-of-age, especially if she isn't exactly loved by her much older husband. After all, why would she want a serious relationship with a broke lad who’s barely out of puberty and also 15 years her minor?

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