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Opening Date
14 Oct 2021
PG13 Some Sexual References
145 mins
English with Chinese subtitles
Biography, Drama, Music
Liesl Tommy
Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Tituss Burgess, Forest Whitaker, Tate Donovan, Marlon Wayans, Marc Maron
A biopic on the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who won 17 Grammys throughout her decades-long career as a singer. It follows her journey from starting off as a singer in her father`s church choir during her childhood to achieving superstardom.
By Shafiyqah  11 Oct 2021
A musical luminary affair celebrating the late great Aretha Franklin.
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Respect is a biopic based on Aretha Franklin starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson in a spectacular portrayal of the legendary singer. The film is one of those few biographies that really touches on how Franklin’s music hits home. It might spark discomfort among viewers for its depiction of sexual assault and domestic abuse, something I surely did not prep myself for.

The film not only focuses on the late great singer alone but also provides an in-depth spiritual experience. Only after returning to her deep faith did Aretha achieve her greatest triumph with "Amazing Grace".

The fight for civil rights empowerment and justice has dramatically raised the bar for biographical films. It serves as a reminder of segregation in the United States, and as Aretha says in the film, "To have peace, you must disturb the serenity portrayed." She made a point of using her popularity to raise awareness about segregation and racial injustice in America. Her faith and stardom have been at odds for a long time. In her experiences with violent relationships, she found fictitious ‘fame'.

Soon, she realises fame has the potential to drive you insane. Her agony, which she had been suffering for years, was not addressed. Every time Franklin sings gospel, it's about you and the divine right then and there. It appears to be both intricate and simple on the surface. She found her real success the instant she rekindled her relationship with the Almighty. 

From cinematography to ensembles, I'd like to take you on a ride with my two cents of thought. Trust me when I assure you you'll enjoy this film and won't be left dissatisfied. From the way the cameras pan, to the set pieces and designs, and the looks the stylists dress the characters in – it goes without saying that every detail in the film was intricately thought out. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Respect is a musical luminary affair everyone has to experience for themselves. Be prepared to be amazed throughout the whole ordeal! I sure had goosebumps from beginning to end. 
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