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A Choo

Opening Date
23 Jul 2020
PG13 Some Violence and Sexual References
102 mins
Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles
Drama, Romance
Kevin Ko, Peter Tsi
Kai Ko, Ariel Lin, Ta-Lu Wang, Vanness Wu
As a boy who had grown up in an orphanage, EJ (Kai Ko) met Hsin-Hsin (Ariel Lin), the one girl who’d care and hold him close to heart. Blossoming into a deep, mutual affection, Hsin-Hsin became the single most cherished soul in EJ’s young heart. For some reason, whenever Hsin-Hsin thought of EJ, she couldn’t stop sneezing. As they grew up, Hsin-Hsin left the orphanage to work in the city. EJ, on the other hand, swore to be “the bravest man” to earn Hsin-Hsin’s love and devoted himself to become a boxer. Through his unyielding love for Hsin-Hsin, EJ became a legend in the boxing ring as the “man who could not be knocked-out”. Yet as the evil Dr.Cube schemed in the shadows, threatening Hsin-Hsin’s life with all sorts of dangers, EJ will soon learn that his true purpose lies not in becoming some superhero, but to be the one-and-only superman for the person he cares most in the world.

孤兒院長大的王義智(柯震東飾),遇見了會疼惜他、照顧他的心心姐姐(林 依晨飾),兩個人培養了深的情感,心心姐姐也成為義智心中最牽掛的人。心心姐姐只要想到義智,就會不自覺地打噴嚏。長大後,心心姐姐離開孤兒院到城市工作,義智下定決心要成為心心姐姐喜歡的「勇敢的男生」,於是開始苦練拳擊。藉由對心心姐姐的愛與執著,義智在擂臺上屢戰屢起,獲得了「不倒俠」的封號。此時,邪惡的居爾博士策劃著巨大的陰謀,當心心姐姐陷入危險,義智終於明白自己⬀在的意義,他永遠不能成為超級英雄,但他永遠是心心姐姐的專屬超人。
By Chen Shun  21 Jul 2020
A tear-jerker about friendship, self-exploration, youth and most importantly - love.
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If you're a fan of heart-wrenching tear-jerkers like ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’, and ‘Our Times’, you are in for a treat!

‘A Choo’ is set in an ordinary world with a select few with superpowers. The main character, Wang Yi Zhi (Kai Ko), falls in love with Hsin Hsin (Ariel Lin) during his adolescent years. She tells Wang Yi Zhi that she will only fall in love with a brave man. To prove his bravery to Hsin Hsin, Wang Yi Zhi decides to train as a boxer before he allows himself to profess his love.

Time waits for no one, and as Wang Yi Zhi is in the process of becoming the best boxer, Hsin Hsin falls for a geeky computer engineer who is secretly a famous superhero. Wang Yi Zhi isn’t willing to give up Hsin Hsin and forces himself to face tougher opponents in the ring, but only to face even harsher disapproval from Hsin Hsin. When Hsin Hsin gets kidnapped, Wang Yi Zhi must prove his love and his fighting skills to get the girl of his dreams. 

When I was watching ‘A Choo’, I kept getting the same vibes as I did from watching ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’, and true enough; both films share the same screenwriter. I will not spoil too much, but for fans of screenwriter Giddens Ko, you will be familiar with his style of writing.

Personally, ‘A Choo’ wasn’t as emotionally captivating as I'd expected. That may be due to the addition of too many action scenes that broke the emotional pacing. That being said, I still teared a drop or two.

Reviewer advise: Bring along some tissues in case you weep your hearts out. 
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