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Tad the Explorer: The Mummy Adventure

Opening Date
25 Aug 2022
89 mins
English with Chinese subtitles
Adventure, Animation
Enrique Gato
Oscar Barberán, Luis Posada, Michelle Jenner, Anuska Alborg, Alexandra Jiménez, Tito Valverde
The lost explorer, Tad, is once again on a whole new adventure! A mysterious curse will take you through the cities of Veracruz, Chicago, Paris and Cairo on an epic journey to find the emerald tablet.
By InCinemas  24 Aug 2022
We could all use a friend like Tad.
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Tad the Explorer: The Mummy Adventure is the second sequel to the popular Spanish franchise based on the character Tadeo Jones from a short film of the same name, and the gateway of introduction to a wholesome and lovable character for this reviewer.

The animated film follows the titular Tad on a journey to pursue his biggest dream to be accepted by his archeology colleagues. Unfortunately, his accident-prone nature gets in his way when he inadvertently destroys a rare sarcophagus during one of the team’s digs. A spell is cast, putting his friends’ lives in danger. 

Saving Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni will trigger an adventure that sees Tad and Sara travelling to the far corners of the world to find a way to stop the curse of the Emerald Tablet.

While it may serve viewers better had they seen its predecessor films, The Mummy Adventure does a great job in introducing the beloved Tad, Mummy and Sara to a new audience who may be unfamiliar with the franchise. Despite his bumbling characteristic, you’ll find it hard not to root for Tad who just exudes so much good guy energy and optimism, he makes the film all the more fun and exciting.

Never have I ever thought I'd see a mummified being as an aspiring influencer but here we are and it is as bonkers and funny as you'd imagine it would be. If Tad is the soul of the film, then Mummy is its heart. He's responsible for delivering majority of the film's laughs but his relationship and bond with Tad contributes to its more heartfelt moments.

Tad the Explorer: The Mummy Adventure promises adventure and delivers through many fun action-packed sequences that is sure to please its audience. It’s also injected with humour and surprisingly touching moments that give it a holistic edge viewers of all ages can enjoy. 
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