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Detective Conan: Compilation-Mystery Train

Opening Date
25 May 2023
PG13 -
90 mins
Japanese - subtitles to be advised
Yuzuru Tachikawa
Rikiya Koyama, Megumi Hayashibara, Kenichi Ogata, Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Wataru Takagi, Yukiko Iwai
Ai Haibara (autonym Shiho Miyano a.k.a. Sherry)

A woman with three identities, who boldly faces her destiny. Shiho Miyano (code name: Sherry), a scientist and a member of the Black Organization, was the one who developed a mysterious poison APTX (Apotoxin) 4869, the drug that turned Shinichi Kudo into a little boy!

However, when Sherry realizes that the Black Organization had murdered her sister Akemi, she betrays the Black Organization and decides to take APTX4869. The drug turns her into a little girl, and she decides to call herself Ai Haibara in order to hide from the Black Organization. Yet slowly but surely, the Black Organization begins to cast its shadow over her.

This spin-off contains the most popular episodes amongst Conan fans including: “Reunion with the Black Organization” where Ai Haibara has the worst possible reunion with the Black organization executive: Gin; “The Mysterious Passenger” where Ai Haibara faces a life-threatening crisis after she notices the presence of the Black organization's members on a hijacked bus; and “The Jet-Black Mystery Train”, with a climax sequence which Ai Haibara is trapped on a luxury train. After losing in a battle with Vermouth and Bourbon, Ai Haibara is stranded on a freight car as it explodes and she is believed to be dead but...

What will be the truth that comes to light out of the tunnel!? The history of Ai Haibara and the Black Organization’s battle will be released with new footages that can only be seen here! And the battle will continue to “The Black Iron Submarine” !

NOTE: This movie falls under special-priced ticketing. Please refer to the respective showtime for the price of each ticket. Student/senior privileges, complimentary passes, movie vouchers, member or bank card discounts are not applicable.

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