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Nine-year-old Lan lives a peaceful and happy life with his parents and sister in a seaside town. However, his father suddenly passes away, and time stops for this family engulfed in grief. One day, Lan receives a mysterious package sent by ...
The cast comprising Nathan Hartono, Ferlyn G, Jessica Liu, Jeremy Chan, together with director Han Yew Kwang, was present today for the press conference of Han's new film 'When Ghost Meets Zombie'. The movie tells the story of Pong (Hartono), who turned into ...
Local actress Fann Wong faced her greatest fear on the set of drama film ‘Packages from Daddy’ where she had to overcome her phobia of going underwater.  Playing a grieving mother of two in the movie, Wong explained that her fear of ...
Name the Singaporean actress who stars in 'Packages From Daddy'.
For the nth time, folks, Fann Wong's not pregnant and there's no bun in the oven for the celebrity couple.During a post-awards interview at the recent Star Search 2010 finals, when reporters quizzed the actress on her plans of getting pregnant, ...
Two years since her last local drama serial The Ultimatum, Fann Wong is back looking a little geekyFrom queen to car wash woman?Fann Wong makes her return to local television after a two-year hiatus, looking a little geeky in messy short ...

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