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Fann Wong on Overcoming her Phobia on the Set of ‘Packages From Daddy’.

By Flora  /  10 Dec 2016 (Saturday)

Local actress Fann Wong faced her greatest fear on the set of drama film ‘Packages from Daddy’ where she had to overcome her phobia of going underwater. 

Playing a grieving mother of two in the movie, Wong explained that her fear of water came about during the shoot of Chinese variety programme ‘Let’s Go Love’ with hubby Christopher Lee. 

“We were forced to land on water during a skydiving session due to bad weather conditions. I agreed to it, not knowing how dangerous it could be,” said Wong in an interview on Wednesday. 

“My coach and I waited for a long time in the waters for the boat to rescue us, when suddenly I heard my coach from about 50m away, screaming and struggling for help. That experience is still vivid in my mind because at that moment, I was very frightened. I had never heard anyone screaming for help that badly before in my entire life. I was so afraid my coach will disappear right in front of my eyes. I felt very helpless, a situation that I cannot control my environment.”

Adding to that traumatic incident, being away from baby Zed for a long period of time was another reason why she initially declined the role.

“I didn’t think of accepting it then because I will miss my baby but my husband was the one who persuaded me to accept it. Every day, he will ask if I’ve accepted the role and telling me that ‘You will only be away for about a month of so. Zed is too young to know that you’ve been away from him anyway.’,” she chuckled. 

“On hindsight, I’m glad he persuaded me to do this project.”

Fann Wong with director Tsai Yin-Chun

She added: “Why I accepted this film because I had been a fan of director Tsai Yin-Chun’s film. In her first movie, I felt that the story and script were written very well and detailed, and so I was interested in working with her. When I met her, she was very detailed and patient with me, assuring me that I’ll be safe during those water scenes. She showed me the map and photos of where we were shooting those scenes, and even went through all the shots with me to ensure that I’ll be safe.”

In terms of her future roles, Wong shared that she’s more drawn to topics like family and life. 

Photo Credit: Shaw Organisation

“I do enjoy playing roles that are closer to my age range, but even after being a mother, I don’t think there will be any changes as to how I accept future roles. Being a mother just means that I have greater thoughts on roles about mothers, and a better understanding of how to play them.”

“Acting is something I really love, but nothing beats family. I used to be a workaholic, but now I’m a child-holic!” 
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