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Exclusive Sneak Peak at Gretel & Hansel

By Chen Shun  /  27 Feb 2020 (Thursday)

Have you heard of the fairytale Hansel & Gretel? I am sure many of you did while growing up. In this new version, directed by Osgood Perkins, we will get a brand new take on how the story goes. In this grim version, it tells of a story of a young girl who leads her little brother into a dark wood in search of food and work but only to humble upon the evil that they never knew of.

In the most recent featurette, we get to have a sneak peek on the kind of “witchcraft” and the kinds of horror that follow along. After this film, Hansel & Gretel will never be the same again. 

Gretel & Hansel will be showing from 5 March 2020, in Singapore.
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