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Who's in trouble based on Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Trailers

By Edric  /  04 Apr 2018 (Wednesday)

2018's Infinity War might not bode well for some of our superheroes with rumors online stating that anyone killed by Thanos is not coming back from Tahiti.

We have caught glimpse of Vision's infinity stone being extracted by Thanos in the first trailer and we're starting to fear the worst would happen for the superhero. His close relationship with Scarlet Witch may also foreshadow his demise. 

Do Vision have a place in any upcoming Avengers is anyone's guess but time is definitely running out for him. But unlike the other members of the Avengers, Vision is a robot which gives him a chance to return in the future as long as the Mind Stone survives.

Thor & Loki
Would Thor or Loki fall victim to Thanos? We have a good feeling that Thor who has recently lost his hammer might finally met his match with Thanos. In the last trailer, we see him struggling in a showdown against the powerful Titan. But will he walk out of the fight alive? Another rumor online has suggested that Loki might not survive the encounter. The God of Mischief who stole the Tesseract in Thor: Ragnarok is seen offering the Cube to someone (very likely Thanos) while a slew of dead Asgardians around him. The last we've seen the two brothers is onboard the Asgardian spaceship on its way to Earth before they met someone unexpected.

Dr. Strange
We can't help but include Dr. Strange on this list. In the trailer, we find the poor wizard (we know they do badly in melee combat) with his arms restrained and many pointing objects directed towards him. Chances are that the Doctor will survive when every respectable wizard would have an escape trick or two planned out in advance.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America
In the trailer, we see the super soldier facing off the Titan already in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet with a few stones attached to it. But with Chris Evan's contract with Marvel running out, we have a strong reason to believe that the plot shield will not be saving him this round.

There is a slither of hope though. The Gauntlet worn by the Titan only has two stones, Power Stone (from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Space Stone (thanks to Loki).

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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War breaks into cinemas on 25th April 2018.
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