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The Best in British Intelligence, Johnny English Strikes Again

By Edric  /  16 Apr 2018 (Monday)

Rowan Atkinson is back for another British humour, (not as Mr. Bean) but as Britain’s most distinguished spy, Johnny English. After two episodes of excellent service to the crown, English finds himself disconnected and “retired" from the secret service, teaching at a minor prep school. A devastating strike by a criminal mastermind reveals the true identity of active agents in Britain. They can only rely on English who’s unfamiliarity with digital technology has managed to keep his identity a secret. Will analogue prevail against tomorrow’s digital technology?

Johnny English Strikes Again brings English to France where he is back using his unorthodox methods of dealing with obstacles in the name of “Her Majesty Secret Service”. Hilarious moments ensue when English meet the latest in VR technologies and when an infiltration mission goes wrong.

Johnny English Strikes Again in Cinemas on 20 September 2018.
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