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VENOM Trailer contains Venom

By Edric  /  27 Apr 2018 (Friday)

Sony has been teasing us for weeks with Venom Trailers with Tom Hardy playing as the supervillain. But here’s the problem - Venom has been missing, but not this week. We finally have a glimpse of its powers as the alien symbiote takes over Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) revealing Venom.

Venom is an original story about Eddie Brock (without Spider-Man as he’s too busy fighting Thanos this week). Eddie Brock who is a journalist as he uncovers that the Life Foundation run by Dr Drake got their hands on the Venom. Eddie gets involved in one way or another and bonds with Venom. He begins speaking in the third person, directs violence on the people as they try to capture the host and Venom. And finally transforms into the monster we have been waiting for!

Venom opens in cinemas on 4 October 2018.
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