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Local Film ‘My Love, Sinema’ Debuts First Trailer!

By Flora  /  28 Jul 2016 (Thursday)

Inspired by the Italian classic ‘Cinema Paradiso’, local film ‘My Love, Sinema’ talks about a love story of a cinema projectionist and his unending love for a teacher. 

Starring Cheryl Wee, Tosh Zhang and Jeff Wang, the film is set in the 1950s of Singapore, bringing back the nostalgic elements of outdoor movie screenings, and the simple and unabashed love story between two young adults. 


Set in 1950s Singapore, this inspirational romance drama tells a story of a starry-eyed 20-year-old budding film projectionist, Kheong (Tosh Zhang) who moves from his kampong village to the city. There, he discovers his passion for films, encounters friendship and most importantly, meets the love of his life, Wei (Cheryl Wee).
Directed by Ai Leng, My Love, Sinema opens InCinemas 8 September 2016!
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