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Banana gets STOMP treatment and sought after by Minions!

By InCinemas  /  18 Jun 2013 (Tuesday)

Banana gets "STOMP" by Ah Boys To Men's Ridhwan and is widely sought after by the Minions! Find out more after the jump!

STOMP returns to Singapore better than ever from the 18 - 23 June at MasterCard Theaters at Marina Bay Sands! In anticipation for the International Smash Hit, Ridhwan has done up a short clip titled "Ridhwan Eats a Banana" with STOMP elements in it. 

  • Here's a tip off! There will be a sneak peek of STOMP tomorrow (19 June, Wednesday) 12.30pm at the Marina Bay Sands skating rink where the cast will be doing a mini showcase! 

Oh and you're involved in the Minion invasion last Saturday, you'll probably notice that the song sang by the minions features the Banana! Apparently, all minions love bananas! 

Check out this mini-movie that shows their obsession with banana!

And after getting all influenced by the bananas, the gif below can roughly give you an idea of our reaction towards the fruit.

Of course, I'm referring to the minion behind. If you're like speaking banana in the Minion's language, you should probably check out this song here and the minions appearance scheduled this month

Sing along! It gets faster and faster!
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