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Olivia Munn on The Newsroom 'I Play Sloan as a Man'!

By InCinemas  /  24 Jul 2013 (Wednesday)
The Golden Globe-nominated HBO Original series The Newsroom will be back for the second season this August.

Olivia Munn who plays Sloan Sabbith talked about her role and experiences in The Newsroom during her promo tour here in Singapore.

About The Newsroom
Created by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin, the Golden Globe-nominated HBO original series take a look behind-the-scenes at the people who make a nightly cable-news programme, is back with its mandates and tangled personal relationships.

Munn plays Sloan Sabbith, the network’s financial new reporter. Sloan could be earning much more money as an analyst at Goldman, but her calling is economic reporting.

The Newsroom premieres on Monday, 5 August at 9pm on HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601)/HBO HD (StarHub TV Ch 655)

Held at the Four Seasons Hotel, the actress-model greeted the media and talked about her role as Sloan, the success of the show and sharing a trailer with Sam Waterson.

When asked about portraying Sloan, Munn was quick to note that she likes her character in the story and knew what Sloan was going to be. “I was very specific of how I wanted Sloan to look, she’s not going to sexualize herself,’ she added.

With such great cast and script to work with, Munn was happy to be part of The Newsroom. She said, ‘Honestly, the thing that really attracted me was Aaron Sorkin and when I read the script, it was different. I turned down offers just in hopes to audition for Sorkin.’

The success of the show is evident, with its Golden Globe nominations and positive feedback from fans around the world. The first season of The Newsroom received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series - Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama (Jeff Daniels)

‘The best part is the response I received from so many women, older, younger and all of them who relates to Sloan. When I approach the role, I play Sloan as a man, not because she’s better as a man but because it is just the opposite of what people think. A woman in a man’s world, just play her like a strong man and I really love the response.’ the journalism graduate commented.

Another great thing being a part of The Newsroom is that she shared a trailer with her co-star Sam Waterson. “That’s my favourite part in The Newsroom, when I walk out you’ll see ‘Charlie and Sloan’, I can’t believe is Sam Waterson. That to me is like the coolest thing ever, we share a trailer!”

Munn grew up in Japan which led to, in my opinion, one of the best and memorable scenes she had in Season 1 where Sloan had to report a news about a Japan nuclear radiator and stepped in to talk to the Japanese representative herself, bypassing the translator.

“I went to meet the writers and they asked if I speak Japanese. A couple of weeks later, they asked if I was okay with a couple of words, then a couple of sentences and when I got it, it was not even conversational Japanese, its Japanese on broadcast,” she exclaimed.

With so much hype around the highly anticipated sequel to The Newsroom, don't forget to catch all the drama starting 5 August, 9pm on HBO and HBO HD!

Catch this trailer of The Newsroom Season 2!
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