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A Short but Sincere Performance at Skull & Haha Mini Concert!

By InCinemas  /  23 Jul 2013 (Tuesday)
Reggae artistes Skull and Haha gave fans a memorable experience during the mini concert held at Zouk last Saturday.

Though the duo only performed a few songs, their sincerity and appreciation for the fans were seen through their words, actions and definitely excellent fan-service to those who were at the concert.

Prior to the concert, the press conference was held an the atrium of Square 2 where fans queued for hours just to catch a glimpse of the duo, especially Haha, who is part of an internationally popular show, Running Man.

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During the press conference, Skull admitted to be a fan of Running Man and hopes to participate in the show one day. When asked about their favourite local dish, Haha immediately mentioned Pepper crab, Chilli Crab and Satay, to the delight of many.

It was evident they both enjoyed the food in Singapore for even before performing any song during their concert, they started shouting delicacies like the above as part of their introduction to the show. This marks their first ever showcase in Singapore and without a doubt, an exciting one for both fans and artistes, filled with upbeat songs, screaming fans, games and ‘water parade’. (Well, Haha already warned fans about being wet during the concert)

They started with the title track from their latest single ‘Ragga Muffin’, ‘ReggaErilla’ where fans were seen cheering and jumping to the beat. Three lucky fans were also invited on stage to sing their version of the songs and besides signing in front of their idols, they each bagged a generous hug and gifts from the duo.

One special fan was serenaded by Haha as he sang straight into her eyes, adjusted her fringe and gave a tight 10-second hug! On top of it, fans screamed in excitement whenever merchandise such as posters, autographed fan items, albums and sweaty towels were thrown amongst fans throughout the concert.

They continued to perform hit songs such as Busan Vacance, Regga Muffin and even remix of Who Let the Dogs Out. The evening ended rather early despite the duo coming back on stage after two encores. Haha even mentioned that despite the small stage setup, they will be back in Singapore the next time with a bigger stage for their fans.

The concert ended with Skull and Haha posing for cameras, hi-five the supporters and even went round grabbing phones and cameras to take selfies. Definitely an intimate and sincere performance from the Korean Reggae artistes.
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